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How to Rid Your Pool of Algae?

Maintaining the pool in pristine condition is one of the most daunting tasks of having a swimming pool on your property. Pool cleaning can save you the pain of cleaning the pool yourself. With regard to pool cleaning, Windermere, FL, has plenty of options.

The sunshine state is known for its pleasant weather and calls for any opportunity to take a dip into the cold waters of a sparkling blue pool. The residential swimming pool safety act of the Florida legislature gives detailed guidelines that need to be followed so that your swimming pool can pass inspection.

Reasons to Keep Your Pool Algae-free

Your job does not end once you get approval. You will have to ensure that the pool remains clean and hygienic to avoid health hazards. The Department of Health, Florida, found that algae thrive in water.

If allowed to grow, algae can cause respiratory problems, difficulty in breathing, cough and itchy throat, irritation in the eyes, and skin irritation. Now you know why you should keep your pool algae-free. Here is how you can do it:

Scrub it Off

Nothing beats manual scrubbing when it comes to scrubbing algae off the walls of your swimming pool. Using a stiff brush attached to a long pole is your best bet to scrub it off. This will allow you to pay special attention to the corners, which are usually missed. It also allows the sanitizer to reach the farther ends of the pool walls.

Test the Water

Using testing strips, test the pH balance of the water. It will help if you aim at a pH level of 7.8. Adding sodium carbonate or sodium bisulfate will help you achieve these levels. The correct pH balance will allow the sanitizer to work optimally. Inappropriate pH levels will render the sanitizer ineffective.

Shock it Off the Walls

If the algae have been thriving for some time in the pool, then it may need more intense treatment. One such treatment is chlorine hypochlorite shock treatment. The package will have instructions about the quantity to use based on the size of the pool. To get rid of severe algae, you will have to use two or three times the quantity.

If the algae are green, use two times the recommended dose. If blue, use three times, and if black, use four times the usual dose. Another point to remember is to use this shock treatment in the evenings or at night. If used during the day, the sun may absorb most of the chlorine before it can get to the algae.

Filter Out the Dead Algae

Once you have shocked the algae, you will have to filter it out. Pool cleaning recommends that you leave the filter on for at least eight hours so that you get all of it. When it comes to pool cleaning in Windermere, FL, has many specialized experts. Florida experienced a deadly algae boom in 2018. While this was concentrated near the sea, the pattern can soon engulf your residential swimming pool if you are not cautious.

Clean Pool Equipment

It will help if you clean the pool cleaning equipment thoroughly. Don’t just rinse them in water, but do a thorough clean up by soaking it in muriatic acid. This will remove even the tiniest of algae cells.

With so many sanitizers and pool cleaning equipment, you can keep your pool in pristine condition all year round. Let pool time be a fun time without the worry about any hazards to you or your loved ones.

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