Seven Must-have Items for Your Pool This Summer

Last Updated on March 26, 2022 by Kravelv

No matter how rough or harsh the sun might become, you can beat the summer heat with your pool. This might be the right time to dip your toes into the water and enjoy the weather to its fullest. 

The pandemic has already pushed inside our homes with the lockdown and distancing protocols. So, it becomes equally important to be responsible for using a pool that involves cleaning it timely. Check out for a wide selection of robotic pool cleaners.

You might want to take full advantage of your pool before the summer ends. That’s why you should prepare everything you need for your pool days. There are some essentials you must have when using a pool. 

7 Essential Items for Your Pool

1. A Robot Cleaner 

When it comes to keeping the pool clean throughout the season, a robot cleaner can do a pretty good job. Setting up the swimming pool and doing everything in between can be a lot of hard work. 

You surely don’t want to spend hours scrubbing and skimming the pool floor after every few visits. That is why it is best to put your faith in robot cleaners. You can easily find one from online stores. 

2. Poolside Furniture

Believe it or not, poolside furniture is among the essentials for your pool this summer. And it looks like we are going to be spending a lot of our time around the pool. So, it’s better to invest in poolside furniture. It can give you the perfect relaxation experience. You can explore various options when it comes to finding the right outdoor furniture. There’s aluminum pool furniture and raisin pool furniture, and styling options like Adirondack Chairs, lounge chairs, or bar and dining. You can step your pool game up with poolside furniture this summer.  

3. Pool Water Testing Kit

It is undeniably an essential task while using a pool. Testing the pool water gives you an idea about its chemical levels. In case there is any unwanted substance, you can easily find out. One can do this using a water-testing kit having test strips. They are inexpensive and give you quicker results. To use a test strip, you need to collect a water sample in a jar. Then very quickly dip your strip in the sample. Don’t let the strip soak into it. Then hold the strip into the air for a quarter minute without shaking it. Then compare that strip with the colors on the guide. This way, you can adjust the chemicals in your pool accordingly. 

4. Storage Bins for Safety

When it comes to protecting you around the pool, storage bins can provide a lot of safety. With the floor being already wet and slippery, more clutter around the pool only adds to the dangerous situation. If there are floats or other things scattered around the pool, it can contribute to slip and fall injuries. To avoid that, you can get those mesh storage bins that dry out their content. 

5. Towels and Accessories

If you are planning to spend some time in the pool, you will need towels handy. So you can get personalized towels for each family member. Also, you can get accessories like goggles and a cap to protect you and let you see underwater. There are a bunch of other accessories that you can get, like a nose and earbuds. Also, you can get floats. They are a lot of fun and a great pool accessory. You can choose from inflatable loungers to pool noodles and giant floating beds. Ensure that you take care of the floats as they are vulnerable to damage and not highly durable.  

 6. Floating Speakers

It can be hard to find an outlet around the pool for self-explanatory reasons. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t listen to some good music while in the pool. That’s why you have the option of getting floating speakers. A floating Bluetooth speaker can take your pool experience to the next level. Make sure that you charge your speakers the night before so that you can have fun all day long and keep the cool vibe going. You can add an LED light display with your speakers also. 

7. Pool Rake 

And lastly, you will need an extendable pool rake to close down on your list of essential pool must-haves. It can be a buzzkill to see random debris, leaves, or bugs floating on the surface of your pool. And you don’t always want to step into the pool to clean it. That’s why you need an extendable pool rake. It’s a convenient device that can let you clean up the surface of your pool effortlessly. 

And to sanitize your pool, you can use oxidizers. They can destroy any algae growth or bacteria. It’s a great way to maintain your pools. 

Apart from the pool essentials, you can get other things to take to the pool to give you an overall great experience. These things can include outdoor and beach volleyballs, snacks, and most importantly, sunscreen and sunglasses. Once you have all this, you are good to go. 

Tips to Maintain Pool

If you want to run your pool better in the long run, then you’ve got to do the maintenance right. There are certain tips you can follow to do so. 

Tip 1: Frequent check-up of filter

Make sure that you are frequently cleaning the filter basket and clean out pipes of your filter system. 

Tip 2: Alternative to Chemicals

It can be expensive to maintain a pool at times. One needs to make sure it has the right pH level and has the right amount of chemicals. Sometimes, these chemicals can be expensive, such as sodium bicarbonate. But you can replace it with Baking Soda. It is a cheap option as on its box, you will find the primary ingredient as sodium bicarbonate.  

Tips 3: Absorb oils through Tennis Ball

If you want to clean the oils and lotions left behind after our pool visit, you can use tennis balls. They are good at absorbing oils and prevent glossy sheen on the surface of your pool. 

Tips 4: Repeated scrubbing and skimming

Ensure that you routinely skim and scrub the sides of the pool as well as the surface. This can prevent the build-up of algae and grease. If you find it hard to get rid of some debris, you can put chlorine for some time before scrubbing it off again. 

Final Words:

Keeping maintenance in check can enhance your pool experience if you are looking forward to a great summer before it ends.