How to Remove Roof Moss

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Having a beautiful roof is something that enhances the beauty of your overall house. But having it only visually good looking roof is not what you want, you want a strong roof that lasts for a long time. Keeping a strong roof takes a little maintenance on your end. If you monitor your roof closely, you would see it changing over the time. Depending on the country, weather, the area of your house, the material used on your roof, the quality of the roof all of these things are important to make a roof stronger and make it last longer.

Having roof moss is one of the common problem people face all the time. The minute you have roof moss, it does not mean that you need to replace or change your roof entirely. It just means you need to take care of it well and fix the damage that has been done already.

Shingle roofs are quite common and they are most likely to get a lot of moss after a point because of exposure to regular water from rainfall and sunlight from the sun. There are simple ways to get rid of moss in the roof. Clean the entire roof and then dry it properly. This is the easiest way and the conventional way of getting rid of a mossy roof. If you have a big house, it would be very difficult to clean it by yourself. Search for roofing contractors Dearborn MI and get a professional cleaner. They would do it in one day and with efficiently. The cost is not too high either. You can search for different roofing contractors and hire someone that meets your requirements and budget. If it is a small roof and the amount of moss is not too much, in that case, you can clean it yourself.

There are several cleaning products like Spray & Forget cleaning agent, Wet & Forget, Roof Wash etc to clean the mossy roof. A shady climate triggers a mossy roof, therefore, you need to be extra careful when it becomes shady. Moist and humid environment lets moss grow faster. You need to make sure your roof shingles are always dry and not wet.

If you make the roof shingles acidic, it can help in preventing moss growth. You can try lemon juice, orange juice, and tomato juice to make it acidic without using any chemical products. Baking soda, Baking Powder, Salt, Bleaching Powder, Soap, these things also help prevent moss growth. But it is important to take away all the moisture after you clean your roof shingles.

There are some risk factors when you clean the mossy roof. Make sure not to clean it by adding too much pressure. Make sure the acidic mixture you are using is not too strong. If it is too strong, it may kill or damage your roof shingles. Do not try to scrape off the moss off the shingles. It would eventually weaken your shingles. Avoid using water from an upright angle. It damages the shingles quicker.

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