Tips on Installing a Skylight

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

A skylight is simply having a window at the roof that lets in sunlight inside your house. Having a skylight or more than one skylight on the roof can make your rooms a lot bigger than it is in reality. More light can make the room brighter and bigger. It does not have the added electricity bill and it is natural. We know everything natural is better than artificial things. Having the tread of a skylight is catching on and every new house now has a skylight. It looks fashion forward too.

Installing a skylight is not too difficult, but there are certain things you should consider to get the best results.

Direction of Sunlight

For instance, the direction of the sunshine is an important factor. If your skylight is installed at a direction where the sunshine directly hits for a long time then it means you would not have to switch on the lights of the room for a long period. During moonlit nights too, it would be a wonderful scenario and your family would enjoy a lot. The skylight installed at the north side or east side would not get as much sunlight as south and west would get. If you are confused which direction is best, get an expert’s opinion by calling professional contractors for roofing Dearborn Michigan.

If you live in a hot country, having a skylight that sunlight directly hits would make your room quite hot. In that case, you may want to reconsider which direction you should choose to install the skylight. During winters it would be great as it would work as a natural room heating agent.


With the help of technology, you can even control the heat gain in the room. There are options of remote control shades where you can just shut it during too hot days or cold days. Venetian blinds are another option to prevent problems like such. It is a good idea to air off any bad smell from the room too when needed. You can also easily shut it using the remote control when it rains or snows.

Light Shaft

Most houses have an attic and if the skylight is installed underneath an attic, adding a light shaft would be necessary to prevent any problems. How the sunlight would beam in your room depends on the shape of the window you are installing. There are 3 options, straight skylight, angled skylight and flared skylight. Talk to your roofing contractor to find out which would be best for your roof and room.

Proper Equipment

If you want to do it yourself then make sure you buy the proper types of equipment before getting into work. You would be needing supplies like roofing paper, step flashings, nails, drywall, hammer, saw, tin snips, flat pry bar, and utility knife.

Doing it alone can seem like a good idea only if you have prior experience of doing roofing work or installing window previously. A total newbie would be not so good at installing a skylight. It may bring forth unwanted danger or problems in the future or at the time of installing it. Make sure to do it safely and with the supervision of a professional or experienced person.

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