How to remove molds from walls

Last Updated on February 15, 2022 by Kravelv

If you have a nice painted wall then you’ll probably feel awful seeing molds form all around it. Well, it can be problem at times especially for walls that are exposed to moisture most of its life. But things can be tough and for the molds that cling on your wall, these are some of the clever techniques you can use.

Often molds form over wood panels. The reason for this is the fact that wood is rich in cellulose. For that, molds will surely cling to these walls pretty easily, this is very favorable for their growth. Molds form in clusters and will appear most often in black, the most common type of molds. Although it seems impossible to get rid of them, the ones found on the surface can be cleaned and eliminated pretty easily.

A wet cloth can do wonders over this. This technique can easily wipe off those molds. A better approach is to use chlorinated water for the cloth. One, more natural, alternative would be to use a combination of vinegar and water. This way, molds would be killed on contact. This will ensure recurrence can be minimized for a long time. But the thing is, if you can find molds on the surface of your wall, there’s a huge chance that it has already penetrated underneath. For that, cleaning the insides of your wall becomes necessary.


Have you noticed some cracked paint over your wall? It could be a sign that the cycle has started. This is a sign that molds might have thrived through those cracks as moisture may have already seeped in it.


For this, you might have to check or even cut the infected part. This is a way to ensure molds would never return. When using chlorine or other agents, make sure to use precautionary measure like wearing gloves, mask and safety glasses if you deem it necessary.


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