How To Keep Your Home Pet-Friendly And Fresh

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Just as you need to feel comfortable at home, it’s important for your pets, too. This will not just relieve some of the stress of becoming a pet owner but will also make your pet happier and healthier.

For dedicated pet parents, a house is not a home without having at least one furry pal for a company. But even the most devoted pet owners say that a feline or furry friend will make keeping a tidy and pet-friendly house more challenging.

Here are some home features and useful pet accessories to keep your pets happy and tips to ensure a pleasantly fresh, pet-friendly home.

6 Pet-Friendly Features for Your Home

1. Doggy doors

Doggy doors will make keeping a dog much easier. You do not have to worry about your furry friend going out for potty breaks. He can easily come and go as he pleases. The same is true for your cats who really love to stroll outdoors.

2. Cat run

When cats stay indoors, they often spend lots of time looking out the window. By professionally installing an outdoor cat run, you can fulfill their dreams without worrying that they will get lost. This will allow them to lounge outdoors without chasing leaves and other creatures out of the yard by accident.

3. Doggy shower

Give your dog a built-in dog wash. Opt for a low-curb shower without doors or an industrial sink with a high-mounted faucet that he will fit into. Make sure that the faucet has an extendable shower head.

4. Dog and cat fountains

Water features are great additions to any backyard. It is also a good place for your furry and feline friend to drink. Choose one with a self-circulating filtration system to make sure that your buddy can always have a fresh, tasty drink while preventing water wastage.

5. Stain-resistant fabrics

You will appreciate the benefits of having stain-resistant fabrics when your pets come home with muddy paws and suddenly start jumping on the sofa. These days, you can choose from a variety of options. Synthetic fabrics which are resistant to odor, bacteria, stains, and muddy paws would make excellent choices.

6. High-quality pet furniture

Avoid getting scratches on the sofa or having your delicate collectibles broken by your pets by getting them their own furniture. For instance, get your furry friends their own bed so they don’t feel the need to sleep in your bed. As for your feline friends, get them cat scratchers or cat trees.

3 Tips to Freshen Up Your Pet-Friendly Home

Adopting a pet does not necessarily mean that your house cannot be more functional, clean-smelling, and spotless. There are ways to keep your pet-friendly home fresh all the time.

1. Keep the litter box tidy

Even if you have multiple cats, making sure that the litter box is fresh is not too difficult when you make this a part of your daily cleaning routine.

Keep it tightly covered. Also, consider having a bag-lined container next to the litter box so you can easily empty it every few days. Also, add fresh litter to maintain the level in the box at about two inches, and replace it completely on a monthly basis.

2. Control pet fur

Fur inside your home can be a huge problem. Good thing there are several ways to keep it at a manageable level. Dog breeds with long hair can benefit greatly from regular trips to a professional groomer. However, the most efficient way to control pet fur is to thoroughly brush your buddy each day.

Remember that there are different kinds of brushes, and each is designed for a certain type of hair. A professional groomer or your trusted pet supplies store can help you choose the right kind of brush for your furry friend.

For pet fur on your couch, clothes, car upholstery, carpet, and everywhere else, daily vacuuming or sweeping is crucial to keep fur from becoming unmanageable.

3. Deal with stains

It is crucial for you to clean pet stains as quickly and thoroughly as possible. The smell can be unpleasant. Also, when your pet can smell it, he might go back and relieve himself in exactly the same spot. Cleaning experts recommend using cleaning products designed specifically for pet stains.

Sharing your home with pets definitely means there’s more cleaning to do. However, this is just a small price to pay for the friendship and devotion your pets will give you in return.

Letting your pets run around your home does not necessarily mean that you must make sacrifices in terms of style and cleanliness. Be creative and inspired by these pet-friendly living solutions. Always think about their needs when planning a home for all of you together. With a bit of planning, you can simplify your day-to-day routine and keep your pets happy and safe just like you.


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