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How to Keep a Clean Home with Pets

If you share a house with pets, chances are you know the constant challenge of maintaining cleanliness and organization in different areas of your home. Sure, your furry babies lift up your mood and helps decrease stress, but they also leave hair everywhere, and produce foul odor that can stay on your furnishings. Even the most devoted pet lovers will not want their homes to be filled with nasty pet odors.

So how exactly do you keep your dog-loving household smelling fresh and clean? Here we highlight some actionable tips that will help keep pet dirt and debris at bay:

Stop Dirt at the Door

Dogs like spending time outdoors where their paws collect dirt and mud, which they will then drag in and spread throughout your living area. If you are having difficulty training your dog to wipe his paws, don’t lose hope. You can still keep him from tracking dirt through your house by using door mats that absorb dirt, water, and mud. Simply place a doormat outside the door, and a washable rug in front of each door. Placing these two items on the front door will greatly reduce the time you spend chasing down mud and debris. The key to making this work is to choose the right doormat. You want to choose a mat that is long enough that even large dogs can walk across it. Another factor to consider is the kind of dirt that your dogs typically drag in. If you mostly get muddy dirt inside the house, invest in an absorbent mat that will catch large debris off your pet’s paws. A carpet-like mat is sufficient if you have mostly dry dirt and dust.

Keep Your Pets Clean

A clean pet makes for a clean home, which is why it is important to maintain your dog’s level of cleanliness by grooming him regularly. As a general rule, you should shampoo your dog or feline friend once a month, and groom them daily to remove any debris from their fur. While it is not recommended to frequently wash dogs with shampoo, you can do bathe them every two weeks as long as you use a gentle shampoo or just plain water and bath wipes.

Regular Cleaning

Living in a pet-owning household means finding fur in different areas of the house. To manage pet hair, you need to do a regular and thorough vacuuming of the living area and bedrooms. If your hectic schedule makes it impossible to do this task on your own, set a weekly cleaning appointment with a cleaning company. Professional cleaners know the type of vacuum to use to remove the most dirt and pet hair.

Clean Your Pet’s Belongings

Ideally, you should wash your pet’s blankets and beddings every week to keep the items clean. When washing your pet’s belongings, remember to use pet-friendly detergent that has no fragrance or dyes, and will not cause skin allergies on your pets. Washing your dog’s beddings and toys will help eliminate nasty odors in the house that come from dirty blankets.

Cleaning the Carpet

Your pet’s body oil can leave discolorations on your carpet. Add to that the residual fecal matter from your pets that sometimes end up in your carpets, and you are left with the tough job of deep cleaning the carpet. Fortunately, you don’t have to take on the task if you are unsure how to properly clean the carpet. Hire professional cleaners and you can save yourself a lot of time, and be confident of great results without having to buy expensive cleaning tools or products. Cleaners are trained to not only remove difficult dirt and stains but to also restore your carpet to its original condition.

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