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How to Identify Roof Damage Caused by Hail Storm?

When hail storm hits your roof, it can cause drastic damages which need to be identified sooner and quicker. The type and degree of the damages may vary from one roof to another, but the importance and urgency of addressing such issues should not be neglected. Every homeowner should be prepared beforehand for such roof damages to look for the signs and avoid any further destruction.

Here is a guide which would make it easy for every homeowner to identify hail storm damages on his/her roof.

Impact on Shingles

Different shingles like asphalt shingles, tiles, composition shingles would get affected by hail storm differently. You must have the know-how of all the relevant aspects to identify properly that your roof material is damaged by hail or not.

For instance, the damage on asphalt and composition shingles would result in the undetectable pattern, black spots, loss of granules, loss of shine and freshness, and many others.

On the other hand, the damage on wood shingles would be completely different. It comprises of the signs of a split in shingles which have sharp edges, impact marks on shingles, dents on the splits, and so on. However, some homeowners may confuse these signs with other damages caused by extreme weather conditions and exposure of sunlight which include missing, cracked, and molded shingles.

Other Signs Than Shingles

You can identify the hail damage on your roof by signs other than shingles deterioration. For that, you need to get your vents and exhausts inspected. They may tell an entirely different story of hail damage. You should also look for other accessories which are softer and can get damaged by any force easily.

For instance, skylights are one of the delicate and critical parts of your roof which are worth considering and checking for the cracks around its glasses. However, other common signs are bruising, denting, loss of granules, growth of mold, formation of ice dams, and so many more.

Take Help from Professionals

Since the signs of hail storm damage are quite confusing, it would require the skills and expertise of professional Ann Arbor roofing contractors to identify the damage properly. You need to hire the best roofer who takes care of the damages at their earlier stages to prevent any interior or exterior damage to your home. To ensure that your roof is well maintained and get repaired from storm damages, you need to avoid any kind of negligence and carelessness in the process of hiring your contractor.

Moreover, many storm chasers start appearing right after the hail storms happen to offer their services. Since homeowners get panic in such situations, they start hiring those storm chasers without doing any homework or research. You need to avoid this scam by making prior research on different renowned contractors. So, when the hail storm hits you, you would have various authentic options in hand to choose the best one for the security and safety of your roof.

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