Pros and cons of wood shingles

Last Updated on March 31, 2022 by Kravelv

Your choices lead to a better output. If the choice is made while being well informed you will get the benefits for a long time to come. But in the case where you make the choice in haste without knowing about the specifics about the material and the design you are using things can go really wrong. Everyone talks about the different materials you can try but no one goes in depth for every material. The variation is not the key the best way to choose is to know more about the material. This article is dedicated to the wood shingles. Wood is a very popular material when we talk about roofing. But only some people know all about it. Here is a detailed overview about the material.

Before we go into the benefits and the problems caused from wood you must be aware of the difference between wood shingles and shakes. The shingles are made from machine cut and have clean edges with smooth surface which gives a flat plane surface. Wood shakes on the other hand are hand-cut directly from wood blocks. Due to being hand-cut the appearance is rustic. The shakes are thicker than shingles and due to this shakes are more expensive than shingles.

Pros of wood shingles and shakes:

Wood is the material that provides natural beauty. The end look can range from the rusty look of the shakes to a very finished look of the shingles. Two of the wood shingles type, cedar and redwood, naturally have oils in them. These oils make the wood resilient against moisture and insects. Wood is also resistant to fire when it is treated. Class A rating is offered by the treated wood shingles. The advantage of wood shingles over asphalt shingles is that wood shingles are known to last 10-15 years more than asphalt shingles. Wood is also the best choice for insulation. Wood is the material which is recycled. So in the case where you are to remove the wood shingles you can always make up a little money by recycling it. The wood shingles are great for designing since they enhance your design.

Cons of wood shingles and shakes:

If the wood shingles are not treated they provide class C rating for fire which is very dangerous. Non-treated cedar can also be used but cedar is a very costly wood. Wood is disallowed in few areas due to wildfire so it is suggested that you first check with your area officials before you go for purchasing wood. Untreated wood can be a case of high maintenance and more cleaning needs to be done. Wood is a very durable material but with this comes the high cost of wood which is a big problem considering budget constraints. Wood shingles allow the DIY type of installation but for that you need to be really good since a small mistake in the installation can cause the wood to deteriorate a lot faster and thus all your money will be wasted. Roofing contractors located at 815 Knowles Royal Oak, MI 48067 are the ones you should be contacting right now to assist you with more details and the installation process.

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