How to Get Rid of Cockroaches for Good

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Cockroaches are horrifying pests that spread illness. They’re also incredibly frustrating because they’re so difficult to eliminate. These are hardy pests that resist pesticides and can go for months without food. Cockroaches reproduce quickly and they hide very well, making them some of the most persistent pests out there.

how to get rid of cockroaches

The key to getting rid of cockroaches is to trap them within the home, attack them with the right products, and eliminate all of their food sources. The following lists how you can get rid of you cockroach problem for good.

1. Hire a pest control professional

The average cockroach treatment costs about $300 US, but it is the most reliable solution. A technician can find where the pests are most active and draw them out with a professional-grade spray. The insecticides that professionals use are much more effective and they last for weeks after they have been applied. Professionals also have the tools to reach deep into cockroach hiding spots. Call Pest Control Lindsay or another company near you for effective cockroach removal.

2. Deep clean the kitchen

Before treatment begins, take the time to deep clean your kitchen. This will remove food particles and reduce the number of hiding spots that let cockroaches multiply. Empty out your cupboards and clean them thoroughly, then put everything back in an organized fashion. Clean your appliances and be sure to get the surfaces underneath them. Clean the rest of the home as well, paying close attention to other rooms where you eat and store food.

3. Do the dishes every day

Dishes are a never-ending chore, but they are a major food source for cockroaches. Wash the dishes every day to force the pests to eat bait. Doing the dishes also eliminates food odours, making your home less susceptible to future invasions. If you have a dish washer, make sure that it has a good seal.

4. Store food in sealed containers

Store things like flours, sugar, and pasta in sealed containers that keep cockroaches out. Messy pantries that have spilled food inside them may keep the infestation going. Keeping all your foods in sealed containers will also reduce odours, making your home less appealing to future pests.

5. Seal entry points

Grab some caulking or expanding foam and seal all the gaps and cracks you find in the infested room. Fill in the gaps between the cabinets and the walls and those surrounding the pipes under your sinks. You can also add a door sweep to your doors to the kitchen and the outside. This will help prevent any more cockroaches from getting inside the home.

6. Keep the floors and countertops clean

Cockroaches can feed off the tiniest bits of grease, so it’s important that you keep the surfaces in your home clean. Wipe down your countertops at the end of each day and vacuum every week. Keep the insides and outs of your appliances clean, and don’t forget your cupboards, too. Keep the pantry as free of crumbs as possible.

7. Take out the garbage every night

While you might not notice the smell, the smell of the garbage in your kitchen is irresistible to pests. Take the garbage out every night to get rid of the smell and so that there is nothing there for cockroaches to eat. Use a lidded garbage can, too, to help contain the smell and keep pests out.

8. Reduce humidity

Cockroaches and other insects love humidity. Use your range hood when cooking food and avoid leaving wet, dirty dishes in the sink. Always use the bathroom fan when taking a shower. Increase ventilation in your home and if it’s too humid, consider getting a dehumidifier. Homes should be between 30 and 40% humidity in the winter and 50 and 60% in the summer.

9. Put Pet Food Away

If you have pets, get in the habit of putting their food away at night. It may be difficult at first, but pet food feeds and attracts pests. Store pet food in sealed containers and wash your pets’ bowls at the end of each day.

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