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How to efficiently manage a Small Bathroom Design

Many times, households decide to have two bathrooms instead of one. And often times in such scenarios, space becomes one of the issues. So, instead of a master bathroom, you decide to settle with a small bathroom design. But, this hasn’t made the task any easier. All it has done is reducing the space, and you still have to stack all the bathroom essentials inside that small space! And so the dilemma never ends. As such, to put you at ease, we decided to create a list of some tips and alternatives to design your small bathroom efficiently. Let’s take a look at them now:

Curtains in place of Shower Enclosures

Instead of going for that huge and beautiful shower enclosure, I suggest, it’s time you settle for shower curtains. They come in many designs and colours to match the walls of your bathroom. The good thing about these curtains is that they don’t take any floor space and therefore do not obstruct you while bathing. And at the same time, they serve the purpose of maintaining privacy and preventing water from escaping the shower. Not just that, but they will also save you a lot of money.

Showers instead of Bathtubs

When space is a big issue in your bathroom, you need to drop the idea of a bathtub. Instead, go for amazing multiple shower systems or the likes. Firstly, this will be good for your budget, and secondly, it’ll be more convenient and practical. You can also use handheld showers, rain showers, etc. inside your small bathroom, as they won’t require as much space as the bathtubs.

Small Vanity for a Small Bathroom

Buy a small bathroom vanity – one that has minimalistic storage and utility features. Do not go by the aesthetics of it, as your small bathroom may not support that idea very well. It should just be enough to hold your towels and bathroom supplies other than a mirror and washbasin. You can also get a circular vanity to prevent yourself from bumping into the edges because of little space. And use a wall faucet for the basin to further make some space. You can also use floating vanity for a small bathroom design.

Pop up some Colours

Finally, to tweak up your small bathroom design, give it some colour. Use cool, vibrant colours – this will give the bathroom a sense of freedom and space. Not just that, but you can use colourful tiles, robes, towels, etc. to give some style to your bathroom. You can also use posters and wallpapers in your bathroom to add some personality.

These are some of the tips and alternatives to achieving a working small bathroom design. You can also use good lighting to bring in the illusion of more space. Other useful options for a small bathroom are towel rails, wall mounted shelves, etc. We hope this article solves your problems of a small bathroom. And if not, then do let us know what worries you in the comments section. We would love to have your input and feedback!

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