How to Decorate Your Outdoor For Christmas

Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Kravelv

There are many ways to make your house the best-dressed house around Christmas. You don’t need the most lights on the block (but you can if you want to). You do need, however, to choose outdoor Christmas decorations that are both tasteful and spirited, as well as festive and elevated. It is our goal to make it easier for you to find great Holiday decorations and you can find home styling products on this site.

outdoor christmas decorations

The following are stylish and fun outdoor holiday decorating ideas to get you in the holiday spirit. With every part of your home covered, we have you covered from the porch to the mailbox. Is it your house Santa will stop at first? Of course, that would be your house.

Pre-Holiday Clean Up

The general rule. If you’re going to add decors or plan a makeover to your patio or garden, sweep and clean the dust first. After you rake the dead leaves out of the yard and winterize your plants, your yard will be a clean canvas for holiday décor.

Cover All Your Bases

Classic decorations look great in an antique home. The door garland is made from fir, cedar, white pine, and boxwood. Window wreaths are hung with matching lights, and the holly is illuminated.

Projector Lights

Christmas Projector Lights are an easy, DIY way to decorate your home without having to climb on your roof. Projected shapes of Christmas-inspired shapes can be seen on your home via a projector that comes with a stake and a base, which is easily mounted.

Festive Mailbox Decor

Greenery can be used to decorate mailboxes. A mailbox can also be made into a festive holiday display by making DIY giant candy canes from plywood and wrapping them in burlap. We have surrounded the merry theme with garland, ribbons, and faux lollipops created by using bouncy balls, colored burlap, PVC pipes, and twine.

Keep It Understated

Put a tree in front of a shiny door, hang a garland around it, and add string lights. A front porch display is at once festive and chic.

Sleds by the Front Door

Put a metallic tree in your front yard, hang a garland around your door, and add string lights for a festive and chic holiday display. There are online shops!

Snowy Walkway 

Use these glowing votives to illuminate the path that leads to your front door or patio. Despite the simple ingredients, this is an easy project and budget-friendly as well.

Tree Lights

A Christmas tree outside can be made into a decorative feature with lights. 317 LEDs are distributed across multiple strings to provide a wide range of illumination. For those who are more concerned about the environment or are on a budget, it is also available in a plug-in or a solar-powered version. Additionally, you have the option of choosing between a white, a warm white, and a multicolor.

Include Santa

You can display your holiday cards (and letters to the North Pole) in an outdoor mail Santa Mail Box sorter next to the front door. You might want to invest in a new welcome mat as well.

Galvanized Planters

The combination of miniature trees — real or fake — and galvanized planters makes for a delightful entryway display. Front doors flanked by these beauties will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Put the Best Arch

It’s so 1990s to have balloon arches. Arches shaped like nutcrackers are a thing of the future. With its nine-foot height, the Holiday Nutcracker Arch Yard Sculpture by Home Accents is the ideal way to greet guests at your home this holiday season. is constructed with a metal frame covered with fabric to ensure that it can withstand the windy and rainy conditions of outdoor life. It also features built-in LED lighting to provide nighttime illumination as well as stakes for easier installation on the lawn.

Decorate Your Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces should be treated in the same way as indoor ones. Set a bowl of red fruits nearby to add a pop of color. Decorate it with a garland.

Greenery Covered Front Porch

Get in touch with nature and decorate your porch with lots of greenery for a fresh, festive look. There’s a miniature tree, a beautiful garland, and a Christmas wreath in this homeowner’s home.

Seasonal Throw Pillows

With outdoor pillows and warm blankets, your porch is the perfect place to relax. A portable fire pit is a perfect solution to keep guests warm on cold evenings.

Add a Fragrance

If you are just stepping through the front door, you can already sense a wintery, jolly mood just by the scent of the wreaths. In the wreath from Cheetah Is the New Black, sweet orange slices are included, but cinnamon sticks, cloves, and plumberries might work as well.

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