How to Declutter a Bedroom: Expert Tips for A Tidy Haven

How to Declutter a Bedroom Expert Tips for a Tidy Haven

Last Updated on October 6, 2023 by Kravelv

De-cluttering your bedroom may be a satisfying experience if you take the appropriate approach to it. A well-kept bedroom can improve not only your mood but also your home’s resale value. How to declutter a bedroom like a pro, this piece will provide you the steps to take and the advise of pros to follow.

1. Prepare Your Mindset for Decluttering

A tidy mind is the first step towards clearing up clutter. Consider your motivations for wanting a clutter-free bedroom and the mood you hope to achieve. Maintaining an upbeat disposition will serve as a constant source of inspiration to get the job done.

2. Gather Your Decluttering Supplies

Before you get started, ensure that you have adequate garbage cans, trash bags, and cleaning supplies on available. Having all the components on hand will save time and hassle.

3. Set Achievable Goals

Divide the overall task of decluttering into more manageable chunks. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start by focusing on a small section of the space.

4. Sort and Categorize Items

Prior to doing anything else, prioritize what you will keep, give away, recycle, and get rid of. Doing so will help you determine which items are worth keeping and which may be eliminated.

5. The KonMari Method

According to Marie Kondo’s KonMari method, belongings should be kept if they “spark joy.”

6. Sort Out Your Clothes

The closet is typically the messiest portion of the bedroom, so start there. Make use of vertical space by purchasing shelving, hangers, and containers.

7. Bedside Table Organization

A bedside lamp, a book, and a glass of water are all you really need, so don’t put anything else on the table.

8. Under-Bed Storage

Make use of the area under your bed. Bins and drawers can be used to store things like seasonal apparel and spare linens.

9. Decluttering Furniture

Look over your bed room set. Donate or sell it if you find that you no longer want it or need it.

10. Digital Decluttering

Clean up your virtual environment as well! Get your digital devices in order by erasing old data and unneeded programs.

11. Create a Relaxing Ambiance

Getting rid of clutter isn’t limited to material possessions. Make your bedroom a tranquil retreat by decorating it with relaxing hues, aromatherapy, and low lighting.

12. Maintain Regular Cleaning

Commit to regular cleaning procedures after decluttering to keep things from getting out of hand again.

How to Declutter a Bedroom

Now, let’s examine each facet of your bedroom’s decluttering in further detail:

The Bed

A clean bed is symbolic of a clean room. Do yourself a favor and make your bed every morning. Stylish and comfortable bedding is an investment worth making.


Sort your wardrobe according to the seasons and donate any pieces you haven’t worn in a year. For better closet organization, opt for thinner hangers.

Furniture Arrangement

Be sure to arrange the furnishings for maximum efficiency and comfort. Do your best to keep things open and airy by minimizing clutter.

Personal Items

Reduce the number of mementos you bring from home. It’s important to display treasures in a stylish manner to avoid visual clutter.


Keep only the essentials on your nightstand. Having less on your nightstand can help you get better rest.


With the right lighting, even a little bedroom can feel warm and inviting. Get dimmer switches and bulbs that can be adjusted.

Wall Decor

Select wall hangings that enhance the overall design of your bedroom. An overabundance of ornamentation can make a space feel cluttered.


How often should I declutter my bedroom?

At least once a year, you should clear up your bedroom to make it a more relaxing space.

What should I do with sentimental items I can’t part with?

One option for storing and protecting treasured mementos is a keepsake box.

Are there any eco-friendly ways to declutter?

Absolutely! Reduce waste by giving gently used items to charity or finding new uses for them.

Can decluttering help improve my sleep?

The quality of your sleep and your ability to relax both improve when your bedroom is clear of clutter.

How do I prevent clutter from returning?

Make it a habit to evaluate your possessions on a regular basis and clean up your space every day.

Should I hire a professional organizer?

Hiring a professional organizer can be a good idea if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need some help getting things in order.

Final Words

A bedroom that has been decluttered is a more tranquil, relaxing, and aesthetically pleasing place to spend time in. If you follow these steps and approach the process with an optimistic outlook, you may transform your home into a peaceful oasis free of clutter.