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How much is it to clean an average house?

Many people are curious to know the cost of cleaning an average house. The truth is… it really depends on the type of cleaning service that you need. A little research and inquiry can help you find the best information that you need.

Most house cleaning services have a house cleaning calculator that informs you about the estimated cost of the service that you need. The price of house cleaning service in Australia typically starts at $20 per hour, depending on the size of your home. Some house cleaning services may also have an average charge between $1 to $6.5 per square metre.

Moreover, you should also expect higher charges if you hire a proper house cleaning company than hiring an individual cleaner. Rest assured, the job will be to your standard because of professional skills and strong knowledge. Cleaning your entire home can also be done quickly and efficiently.

MaidForYou has compiled some necessary information about the cost of cleaning an average house, which can help when you’re budgeting.

House Cleaning Cost and its Factors

A cleaning company offers different types of house cleaning services depending on your needs. There are ways to trim down your house cleaning cost through getting recommendations from friends and family.

There are different factors that can help you determine the cost of cleaning an average house. Being aware of these factors can help you understand the numbers involved if you decided to hire a house cleaning service. It also enables you to prepare and plan for the expenses ahead of time.

So, apart from the size of your home and the cleaning service that you need, what are the other factors that could affect the house cleaning cost?

If your home is regularly cleaned, it is expected that the accumulation of dirt is only a little. Cleaning will come easier and will be finished quickly, which means that the cost will be cheaper.

On the other hand, there is a need for deep cleaning if your home hasn’t been cleaned for months. The house cleaning service will spend a lot of time cleaning every corner of your home, which increases the cleaning cost.

If your house is clean, why hire a cleaning service? There are a few DIY tricks that can help you maintain your home at a small cost.

At this point, the investment that you need to worry about are the cleaning products that you need. You can also use natural products such as vinegar, baking soda, and lime juice, which are cheap and can be found in your kitchen cabinet.

Special cleaning requests are also a factor that can increase the cleaning cost. The house cleaning service will render an extra amount of time in making your requests. It is recommended to inquire about what the cleaning service can do beforehand.

Think about it… anything extra will cost more. On the other hand, it is worth investing in special cleaning requests to ensure the best cleaning result for your home!

So, how much is it to clean an average house?


The answer to this question depends on your location, size of your home, type of cleaning service and the amount of time rendered in cleaning your place.

The pricing for house cleaning services varies from state to state. In Sydney, typically the house cleaning rate starts at $30 an hour.

The most common house cleaning jobs are window cleaning, carpet cleaning, roof cleaning, spring cleaning, oven cleaning and end of lease cleaning.

It is vital to hire a reliable house cleaning service to ensure that the job is done to a specific standard.

A few tips to consider are:

How to reduce house cleaning costs?

Simple. Clean your house regularly!

Cleaning the house regularly is the most effective way to save on house cleaning costs. There is no need to worry about paying extra for home cleaning. Also, there is no need to buy expensive cleaning products.

Moreover, you should also consider using natural cleaning products because they are cheap and safe to use. There are various DIY cleaning procedures that can be accessed online.

It is important to get your own supply of cleaning products, especially when hiring a house cleaning service. It can reduce not only the cleaning cost but also minimise the risk of harm and contamination to the surface.

Keep the house clean! Make everyone in the household understand the disadvantages of an unkempt home.

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