House hunting – things to avoid

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Shopping around for a new home is not the same as deciding between menu options in a restaurant. House hunting is an emotional process. This can leave you feeling a little like Goldilocks, looking for a house that isn’t too much of one thing and isn’t too little of another until you finally come across the house that’s just right. When browsing the potential options, you may come across some houses that are in need of a little repair work, but this can help to change the asking price (see water heater repair, installation & replacement company in lake Havasu, AZ for further details on home repairs). Now let’s look at some tips on things to avoid when searching for your next home.

Don’t be blinded by cosmetic issues

If you believe that you have found a house that may be just right, you could be tempted to continue viewing other properties based on cosmetic issues such as the current choice of wallpaper or bathroom fixtures. This is an error many people make. But remember, your perfect home is not going to come fully decorated in the exact style you desire. By waiting to make your move on a property that is everything you’re looking for aside from a few cosmetic issues, you could miss out on the property altogether (you’re not the only one looking for a new home!). Typically, you can expect the seller to be flexible on the asking price, lowering the price by as much as a couple of grand so as to allow the buyer (you) enough money to fix any cosmetic issues that may otherwise prevent the sale. Always speak to your real estate agent about your options.

Don’t ignore the surrounding area

Even if your potential new home is a new build, the surrounding area in which it is located is unlikely to be anywhere near as new. There will be other residential streets. There will be shopping malls. And corner shops. And what about schools? Gyms. Restaurants. Car dealerships. Cinemas. Bus stops and train stations. Bakeries. Florists. Hair salons. Parks. The list is endless. Have you truly considered the area? Do you plan on having a family? Are you planning on moving jobs soon, and will public transport be an issue? How about transport links in general – are you well connected via main roads or are you expecting visitors to travel along rickety dirt roads through the type of countryside you wouldn’t want to be stuck in with a flat tyre late at night?

In conclusion, there are so many things to consider when buying a new house that you may never get everything right. But it’s worth every effort right up until you sign!

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