Home Exterior Readiness Checklist For Winter

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Winter is around the corner, and it is time to get your living space ready for the freezing days and nights ahead. Most homeowners ignore the exteriors because they focus too much on making the interiors cozy and comfortable. But your outdoor space deserves as much attention as the interiors. Winter-ready home exteriors go a long way in making the season more bearable. It is also crucial to maintain the curb appeal of your home as you welcome guests for festivities. Here is a home exterior readiness checklist you must follow this season.

house exterior during winter

Prep up your lawn and garden

It is easy to forget your lawn once it’s buried in snow. Give it extra attention this fall to keep it healthy, even during the snowy season. Start by picking bald spots and loosen the soil in the bare areas. Apply fertilizer and plant fresh seeds to cover them up before it starts snowing. Likewise, it is the best time to fertilize your garden soil to ensure it remains healthy when spring arrives again. Transplanting delicate plants in pots and bringing them indoors is a good idea.

Clean and declutter

Once your lawn and garden are winter-ready, you need to clean and declutter the outdoor space. Trim the trees and dispose of the branches and leaves that shed in the process. Gather the outdoor equipment such as your lawnmower, gardening tools, and outdoor furniture and pack them up. You will probably not need them during the season, so store them in a safe place.

Double-check your roof

Your home roof should be in top shape throughout the year because it keeps your living space safe from sun, rain, and snow. You can click here to know more about how it adds value to your property. Winter is the time to go the extra mile with roof care and maintenance. Get a professional inspection in early fall and address the maintenance issues there and then. The last things you will want to deal with during the holiday season are leaks and mold formation.

Get ready for snow and ice

If winter precipitation is common in your area, you must have your snow and ice removal supplies in place. Invest in a snowblower this season to make things easier. Stocking up on sidewalk salt is a good idea as it can help you deal with icy walkways and driveways. Avoid waiting for the first major winter storm because supplies and deicing agents often run in short supply when storms hit.

Inspect your weather stripping

Another exterior readiness tip to follow is to check your weather stripping. You cannot overlook it because improper sealing can let the drafts in and affect the interior temperature. Even worse, you may end up with higher heating costs and energy bills. It makes sense to spend a bit on new weather stripping around your windows and doors to keep the heat in.

Winter readiness is essential for every home and homeowner. It keeps your family comfortable even during the coldest days of the season. Follow this checklist, and you can have a safe and cozy space this season.

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