Help Yourself Sleep Better with a Japanese Futon

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by Kravelv

Did you know that being sleep deprived can have affects on the body and mind that are severe as being drunk? Being in a clumsy and senseless state of consciousness is not a choice, especially when you need to be on your toes throughout the day. Apart from emotional disturbances the major reason why people tend to stay awake is due to uncomfortable sleeping place.

A bed with the right mattress is nothing less than a night in the right vacation spot. This is what you believe and the reality is different. How about the people who have the most luxurious and high quality beds, more like a fortune spent on them-why do they have back issues and trouble getting a good night sleep?

Best Mattress is NO Mattress At All

Years of experiments and research has concluded that the best mattress is no mattress! You will find this delusional and hard to believe on, after years of sleeping on the same thing and now this demise. But, now there are thousands of people that are shifting to the Japanese organic way of living. Why, because, nature has the best therapy in itself for us, which works in the best ways.

japanese futon


The mattress no matter how good and expensive, creates body structural imbalance, impedes circulation and hampers the body from realigning itself during the resting phase. A foam mattress insulates us from experiencing our own body. This concept that links up a mattress and sleep is mistaken. The deep and soft place to rest the sole and tired bones is false, rejuvenation comes from less fluff!

The bed making industries rely on bold statements, they make claims for mattresses and pillows to outperform the other options. The claims are mostly tempting, they promise good night sleep like never before with cost matching your mind. But how are they matching sleep and health intricately? The comfort they promise in sleep through mattresses has no scientific definition. A sleep that is deep because of theta and delta brain waves only restores health!

What is better than a High Quality Mattress?

A hard surface reshapes the back and aligns the body. Hard surface helps the body develop a strong relationship with gravity, with earth. The traditional Japanese had everything right with their sleeping and their sitting and even the eating.  A traditional Japanese Futon answers all the questions.

Although some of the Japanese these days follow the Western sleep style and use beds, it is still a common practice to sleep on futon beds. A traditional authentic Japanese futon is a set including: Shikibuton (under futon), kakebuton (comforter), and makura (pillow). There are different types of futons depending upon the seasons, but all of them are made from down feathers.

There is a complete Futon Care guide and a detail insight of the product available at FutonBedsFromJapan. For a perfect sleep and posture what you are aiming for is a spine-neutral position. This position is the natural position of spine when the three curves; cervical, thoracic, and lumbar and in alignment.  But before you purchase one for yourself read below for what makes a Japanese Futon the best mattress.

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Here’s how Futon will help you sleep better:

  • The term “hard” for better sleep and comfort actually means a thick quilt on a board or floor.
  • The tatami mat under the futon bed provides the perfect ventilation which helps the body regulate body temperature.
  • Futon is light weight, easy to carry, and requires less space.
  • During the day Futon is stacked in the cupboard which leaves the room with more space, or it can be used for sitting purpose.
  • It is made of 100% cotton or silk mixed fillings.
  • Futons are suitable for anyone with allergic conditions.
  • Futon bed set requires special care and cleaning, which is even easier and keeps you healthy.