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Give your home a stylish look following these simple rules

A lot of us are often overwhelmed when it comes to designing our house. Whether decorating your first home or starting over, you can bet these tips will put together a home you’ll love without hiring a pro.

Doing it on a budget

If you think your design ambitions are bigger than your budget, think again. You just need a little imagination, a  little money and a bit of art in making use of what you have. Forget about design magazines showing the quick thrill of instantly transformed places. Patience is your friend.

Stick to what you really love – there’s no better advice than this. Knowing what you really want puts you a step ahead. Think ahead! Buy at secondhand stores, wait patiently for sales or discounts and search for online auction sites. Furthermore, assign your furnishings to serve a dual purpose.

Try to do things yourself – just think how much you can save by doing some relatively simple works like painting or tiling. And please paint – it’s the cheapest investment with the most impactful results. Spark your creativity and learn new skills. You can sew your pillows, window treatments and bedding or try yourself with painting. This way you can make your own art – isn’t that exciting?

Knowing certain measurement rules for decorating can also make your room look better –for example leaving space when arranging furniture or hanging curtains.

Make it stylish using the basic design principles

Keeping up with home trends is often too expensive for many people. You don’t have to be an expert at designing to make your house look luxurious. Following a few basic decorating rules everyone can apply can make a significant difference.

One of the most important elements you’re using is color, so start with the color scheme. You have color everywhere, but one way to stay current with colors is to choose one that’s been trendy for years. Any neutral color is basically good for you to pick out.

Following the rule of odd numbers can make details and objects look more appealing, memorable and visually effective. You don’t wanna group objects in even numbers – it makes everything seem uniformed or rather boring.

When you walk into a room, the focal point is the thing that naturally draws your eye’s attention. If you don’t know how to start your home décor, finding a room’s focal point is a good idea. It can be a window with a view or a fireplace. You can also create one by painting one wall a different color or by using large piece of furniture. You make the rest of your décor around the focal point.

It’s a good hint to leave negative space. It’s a term explaining the area that’s not taken by any subject. A common example is a white space on a wall. Sometimes, it’s best if the negative space speaks for itself. It seems complicated, but anyone can decorate with negative space by, for example, avoiding clutter or looking for spots that look great even when they’re empty.

Think about layering the lighting – by adding different types of lighting you can give the room a dimension. Adjust the general lighting or try illuminating a specific object to highlight it.

Furniture is the key

Furniture is presumably the most important aspect of decorating. If you’re short on furnishings or have been using the same pieces for years, consider buying some new stuff. Choose something that suits your personal aesthetic and don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture rather than using only matching sets.

Modern furniture has one main mission, and that is to find the perfect balance between form and function. It should not be confused with contemporary, which is most commonly defined as anything that is in step with the latest ideas and trends. When using contemporary furniture designs you have a focus to start with.

Home office solution

For people whose home tends to be a designated work space, there is always the home office solution. Make your home office work better for you and find a desirable quality furniture design for your individual requirements.

In the end, don’t forget to decide what you like. Your home should be comfortable and fashionable for you even if it’s not always following the latest design trends.

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