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Getting to Know Insulated Core Vinyl Siding

Whether it’s for a fresh installation or to replace existing siding, you have to make your final decision based on how much value you can get out of your new siding. Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that it’s just about the price tag. As a result, a lot of them tend to choose the cheapest siding they can find, only to end up spending a lot more on constant repairs – which will certainly jack up your overall expense over the long term. If you want something that really has value, then definitely look into, and consider the possibility of installing insulated core vinyl siding.

Insulated core vinyl siding is very similar to the more common vinyl siding that we’ve been using on our homes for years. The difference is, instead of just having panels made of vinyl, insulated core vinyl siding has a “core” made up of insulating material that’s completely enclosed in a vinyl shell.

Insulated core vinyl siding’s greatest strength is its amazing insulating capabilities. Vinyl itself is known to be one of the most energy-efficient materials available; combined with an insulated core, this new type of siding can reduce the amount of energy needed to keep your home’s indoor temperatures at  comfortable levels all year round.

There’s more to insulated core vinyl siding than just keeping the indoors comfortable, however. The material is also designed with extra durability in mind, so you can expect it to last much longer than ordinary vinyl siding. Because of its solid core, this type of siding is more rigid than ordinary vinyl siding, which tends to warp when there’s something –  like a small bump or a bolt – behind it.  Furthermore, insulated core vinyl siding also capitalizes on vinyl’s stronger points, like the following:

While the upfront cost of insulated core vinyl siding may be higher than its conventional counterpart, it is actually more cost-efficient over the long run. Besides spending less money on repairs and maintenance, insulated core vinyl siding also allows you to improve your home’s  energy efficiency, which can result in shaving a few hundred dollars off of your monthly electric bills.

Are you interested in getting insulated core vinyl siding for your home? If that’s the case, then contact a reputable siding contractor ASAP.


Author Bio:

Bill Chase currently works at Hi-Tech, a company specializing in home exterior installation. A graduate of Westfield State University and having served on the Board of Trustees, he believes that good quality materials and a high level of customer service is key to helping his customers.


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