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Frugal ways to renovate your house including brilliant storage hacks

The need for house renovation occurs soon or later, especially if you’ve been living in the same house for many years and some of its parts simply scream for refreshments. Still, it’s understandable if you’re not surprised with an idea of renovation, because home upgrades, starting from new furniture sets to bathroom vanities can be pretty expensive. However, there are always a few bucks you can save, and having a wood sander around can help you a lot.Not only furniture, you need to upgrade your kitchen gadgets as well, for example, your water filter system. Pure water guide has many suggestions for you in this regard. Luckily, there are some intelligent solutions which can help you minimize your renovation costs and renew living space without going into the bankruptcy. So, if you’re about to start a house renovation project, maybe you can do it in some of the following ways:

Refresh your wooden doors and windows

Instead of replacing outdated doors and windows with new ones, you can repair them by yourself, but you might need woodworking tools for that! or try creative woodwork repainting to reach a new shine and stylish vintage look.  If your doorknobs, handles and hinges are rusty, you can easily change them and save a lot of money. Also, think about installing new blinds in the windows, since they’re not expensive but can instantly improve your house’s aesthetic appearance.


Consider lovely DIY storages

If you’ve been struggling with small or old cabinetry in your home you can make new ones from the things you already have. Repaint an old jalousie doors and use them to hang various items, either kitchenware or bathing stuff. Another great idea is to turn false drawer’s fronts into great tilt-out storage, ideal for dish washing items. If you need an extra storage room, use the space under the staircase to build a functional storage. Don’t spend money on buying containers for tiny items, but use shoe boxes, plant pots or wet-wipes containers to store anything from jewelry to cutlery.


Invest in right areas

Instead of buying new furniture, better spend money on new pipes and thermo-insulating panels for your house. Do not use water heater in the kitchen because it is a major consumer of electricity. Connect to the main heater instead and set it to medium  heating level. Speaking of water, stop throwing your money on bottled water, since it’s cheaper and more practical to invest in best water filter available on the market. If you want to save even more money on water and electricity, give up on using separate kitchen water heater, but connect all of your faucets to water heater you already have in the bathroom.

Turn old furniture into stylish pieces

When starting a renovation project, make sure you don’t throw away old furniture since you can use everything you have to create alluring and modern looking home. If you have an old bohemian-style closets, repaint them in white, add protective finish and you’ll get amazing vintage pieces for your bedroom. With few simple adjustments, you can turn your rusty sewing machine into authentic cocktail table or nice smoking nook. Refresh your frayed sofa and armchairs by changing their slipcovers, add couple of inexpensive throw pillows and cover their wooden frames with translucent polish.


Smart wall and ceiling solutions

If you have a few cracks on the wall, don’t waste your money on repairing entire wall, just place nice paintings over the damages. In case you have an old house with high ceilings, think about lowering them since you’ll save on heating. You can even create a gorgeous relief over the ceilings, which, if decorated with appropriate lighting fixtures can make wonderful shadows.

House renovation often looks like a venture which will swallow all of your savings, but if you’re willing to adopt creative and functional ideas, you can achieve spectacular ambient without spending more than a few hundreds of dollars.


About the Author:

Daniel feels inspired while thinking about ways to embellish his family house décor with some fresh innovative ideas. He likes to take advice from others, but also to share his own knowledge and experiences.You can follow him on Facebook.


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