Organize Your Cables and Wires through Zip Ties

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Are you tired of the cluttered look behind your PC and TV? Unlike your sparkling home with everything perfectly clean, the cluttered wires and cables behind the television, computer or other electrical appliances might be a nightmare for you. Organizing the bunch of cables and wires is not an easy job. No matter how much you try to ignore them, the protruding wires are hard to hide. But no more worries now. The commonly available Zip Ties have made it possible to get rid of the cluttered wires now.

Many of the people would not have ever considered bundling up the cables and wires. You might have seen people organizing these messy wires using tapes or cords which are not long lasting and easy to use. The Zip ties don’t take much of your time and cost, I reckon. Just tie the wires together with the zip ties and get a perfect neat look for your professionally organized desk. Since these ties are available in a huge variety, you don’t need to bother about the size and sensitivity of the cable materials. Also, the multi-purpose zip ties can be an all-in-one solution for many of the daily hacks.

Broad Range of Zip Ties: Types, Colors and Uses

The zip ties are usually made of nylon, polypropylene and tafzel. The Nylon Zip ties are the most commonly used ones based on their heat resistant capacity. These ties can be categorized depending upon the nature of use and their exposure to sunlight or temperature. The General purpose 6/6 nylon zip ties are most widely used as they are resistant to most chemicals and lubricants. Their working temperature range from 40-185 F. Another category of Nylon Zip tie is Heat Stabilized Nylon 6/6. The wires which involve exposure to a temperature of more than 150 F can be tied up using this type of zip tie. If your wires and cables are continuously exposed to UV or sunlight, then the UV stabilized nylon is the best choice for you. This type of nylon tie is UV as well as weather resistant.

Miniature cable ties are best suited for use in homes as they can easily bundle light weighted and small cables. Intermediate Cable Ties can wrap together appliances with intermediate size and weight. The soft Hook cable ties are a handy solution to prevent damage to wire insulation.

If your cables carry liquid, bundling them together is still not a problem. The stainless steel cable ties are suitable for such wires and cables with liquids and high degree temperatures. Tefzel ties are the most suited to appliances which must be protected from environmental hazards like UV radiations or chemical reactions. They have a unique aqua color that makes them look distinctive as well.

Why must wire bundling look so boring and unattractive? Not anymore now. A wide range of colorful zip ties makes the wire wrapping even catchier. The colored zip ties are also recommended to use when wires must be kept segregated due to the nature of the operation. The color segregation makes wire identification easy.

Wire Wrapping- Not the Sole purpose

The zip ties are multi-purpose. From organizing the heavy cables to the tiniest management in your room, these are like a common solution to every problem. Zip ties can be used to tie up shopping bags, unclog a blocked drain, as a keychain, nicely managing mobile charger cables and even fixing up a broken zip. It is a must for your domestic toolkit. Along with a hammer, screwdriver and other accessories, a bundle of varying sizes and types of zip ties can be very helpful. If you consider them just one-time used material, you need to experience them. Rather than cutting them off to untie a bag or something, the zip ties can be loosened or opened up to be reused.

Your busy life demands all easy solutions that save not only cost but your time and energy as well. With zip ties your life can be made simpler and more organized. An ordinary looking zip tie can do wonders for you in many ways. Just bring these small zip ties to organize your cables and wires and I can bet you’ll find yourself using them everywhere!

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