Should You Fix Basement Leaks from The Inside Or The Outside?

Last Updated on April 6, 2022 by Kravelv

Basement leaks are traumatizing and one important question which overwhelms the homeowners is that whether you should fix the basement leaks from inside or outside. This question is asked by the homeowners because they are worried about their property and get conflicting advice as well. A basement waterproofing company can help in a number of ways. Basement leak repairs are performed from either inside or outside of the home depending on the type of leak.

If the concrete basement repair is done in a proper manner then waterproofing repairs will end all the wet basement issues. The decision of performing the repair from inside or outside is not so simple to understand. You need to consider a few things stated below:

  • Fixing the leak from outside: When it comes to repairing the outside basement leak like excavation, waterproofing can cause damage to the surrounding landscape. The need for removing decks and fences to make proper space for the excavators or crew is vital as well. It is important for them to access the basement. Those who are thinking about excavation should consider the cost of repairing the landscape and reinstalling the fences which are essential during the process of repair.
  • Fixing the leak from inside: Inside the fixes which are also called injections is an affordable option. A contractor can cut open the drywall of the basement to know where is the inside basement leak. It is cost effective as well when compared to excavation. An injection helps to fill the crack or hole from inside to the outside and excavation will just place the patch on the outside crack. Though both will work great, repairing from inside is definitely an easier option.

Other things that you can keep in mind when you think of repairing from inside or outside are:

Drywall needs to be opened and it should be removed to access the foundation for repairing the interiors. Interior injection repairs are very cheap when compared to waterproofing foundation or excavation. It also takes care of voids in the foundation wall whereas exterior repairs are useful to patch over voids.  Exterior waterproofing is riskier as it can damage the property.

On the other hand, interior waterproofing is not affected by a delay in weather. When repaired from inside the source of the leakage problem is confirmed. The warranties of both the methods are same no matter which approach is being used.

An injection from inside will cost 100 dollars only, but if excavation is being done from the outside then it will cost thousands of dollars and this cost will not include the cost of rebuilding the fence or re-landscaping.

Calling a basement waterproofing company:

Performing the process on your own can be more daunting. It may lead to more expensive repairs. Let’s check why call basement waterproofing company and not t do this job on your own:

When excavating, there is a possibility of damage to the weeping tile system which will further lead to bigger issues after the repair. You can also damage your gas lines and hydro lines. You can make many errors as well while excavating. The earth may even cave in if proper safety procedures or excavation techniques are not used.

A professional will first inspect the house and check the source of the leakage. It’s their job and they are skilled to complete the job. They are certified, experienced and bonded. They will take ownership of their work and give you the right results. A professional will not do anything that is not required. They will study the problem, do inspections with the help of videos and understand the severity of the problem so your property can be damage free. They will work in a systematic way.

Choosing the best basement waterproofing service in your city is the key. You can’t get it done from anyone. Do your research and take references from your friends, peers, and family to select the best one. Also, call the waterproofing company, ask questions and check their previous work. Understand their experience and way of working. It will help you choose the best waterproofing company in the town and they will advise from where exactly the foundation has to be fixed (whether it is outside or inside).

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