10 Signs It’s Time For A Foundation Repair

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Your home’s foundation is one of the most critical aspects of your house, which, when compromised, could affect the whole of the structure.

Most homeowners don’t see foundation issues as a problem until it gets out of hand. Catching the early signs which recommend a foundation repair and acting on them before the extent of the damage becomes big can help maintain it.

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Identifying the problem is an excellent start to performing a home foundation repair. The outline below can take you some tips to help you know when your foundation needs an inspection and a repair:

1. Poor Drainage Of Water

Water stands as the greatest causative to your foundation problems. Having issues with your home’s drainage system is an indication that your foundation needs repair. 

Water can accumulate around your foundation, causing soil expansion, which adds pressure to the walls and foundation footing. Eventually, cracks develop on both your property’s inside and outside parts. You can see drainage problems in your property if it has wet soil and hasn’t rained or too dry soil after the rains. If your property has any of these signs, it would be best to repair the foundation.

2. Sticking Doors And Windows

Walls, window frames, doorframes, and ceilings get pulled out of place when the weaker foundation moves and settles. It can make doors and windows fail to open or open on their own if the frames are not level or even. Sometimes, the doors and windows can produce a squealing, groaning, or creaking sound when moved. At times, windows can stick due to the wood expanding with moisture. However, it’s best to call a specialist to assess the problem and fix it. 

3. Interior Cracks

A weakened or broken foundation doesn’t support the house’s weight as it should. It can result in the house moving in one direction or settling and sinking on one side. Cracks can then be formed when the home’s framework pushes the ceilings and the inside walls as it moves. Fissures can later form on walls and ceilings. Moisture can as well cause your wall to crack. Therefore, calling a specialist to check for other foundation-related problems can help restore the condition of your home.

4. Bulging Floors

A weaker foundation or a sinking house puts pressure on the floors, making them shift out of their position or level. The weakest spots of the floor can crack due to the pressure. One side of it can sink while the other bulges out. Detecting a bulging floor can be difficult under a thick carpet or tile. Improper installation can cause a loose tile or carpet. However, a faulty foundation has the same symptoms. A foundation repair professional can help analyze damages and advise you on the necessary actions you can take to protect your home.

5. Efflorescence And Moisture Infiltration

Efflorescence is a white substance that forms when excess moisture dissolves salts and their concrete binders, moving them to the concrete’s surface. It is a sign that your foundation needs repair. Moisture infiltration can cause issues with your concrete basement walls. Most homes that experience foundation issues have wet basements or crawlspace moisture. The moisture can get through the foundation cracks causing sagging floorboards, musty smells from mold growth, and uneven floors. If your home is experiencing such problems, this can be the perfect time to call a foundation repair expert to help you fix the issues affecting your foundation. Companies such as Oriole Basement Waterproofing can help you with foundation repairs in Baltimore.

6. Bugs

It’s common for homeowners to have to deal with bugs and pests within their homes. However, it can be different if your home has a foundation issue. Most bugs such as carpenter ants, roaches, centipedes, pillbugs, and earwigs are attracted to damp places. Cracks or holes on your foundation can have a great contribution to creating a damp area. Repairing your foundation can help fix the gap issue, keeping bugs outside your home.

7. Bowing Walls

It is a sign of a critical foundation problem. Walls can pull apart from each other when shifting due to a weak or broken foundation. It would be great if you call a foundation repair professional to install wall anchors to straighten or stabilize them. Without stabilizing the walls, your home would be prone to falling in as a result of the bowing walls. Repairing your foundation would go a long way in fixing your bowing walls.

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8. Walls Separating From The House

Walls can separate from the house due to bowing. However, the soil can move as the foundation shifts, thereby separating the walls from the structure. There can be gaps formed between the walls and furniture, such as cupboards, indicating that the walls are moving farther away from your house. Apart from cupboards, you can notice walls being separated from the floor or the ceiling. It indicates a severe foundation issue that needs the attention of a foundation repair professional.

9. Plumbing Issues

Shifting and sinking foundations can exert pressure on your plumbing connectors and pipes. Usually, plumbing pipes are built at small angles to allow smooth water flow as it carries solid materials along with them.

Sinking too many pipes can make the water flow too quickly, hence failing to carry the solid waste along with it, which causes blockages. 

Connectors can also experience this pressure, causing them to crack and separate, resulting in leaks. The leaks can cause structural damage and increase the chances of mold growth in your home. It’s essential to have your foundation inspected if you detect issues like this in your home and have it repaired if need be.

10. Problems With Cabinets And Counters

Your cabinets and counters can start tilting and moving away from your walls. At first, it might seem like a small gap that grows and becomes significant with time. Your countertops and cabinets can eventually become unlevel, indicating that your foundation needs repair.

When your cabinets and countertops appear slanted or incorrectly hanging, calling a foundation repair expert to inspect your foundation and perform the necessary fixes can help restore your home’s condition.

The Take Away

If you want to keep your home in good condition, scheduling maintenance services regularly can be a good call. Having your foundation inspected and repaired periodically can help your house maintain its perfect shape. If not regularly checked, your foundation can develop problems. Problems associated with your foundation can include cracking walls and bugs entering your home. The tips outlined above can help you know when to repair your foundation.


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