Five Creative And Timely Remodeling Ideas For Your Granny Flat

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The picture shown here illustrates what a typical granny flat looks like – plain, simple, and small. Granny Flats, also known as “secondary suites” are small self-contained living areas that were first primarily used in Australia, Britain, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Building one per residential property is a growing trend especially in these countries since the costs are cheaper compared to traditional home extensions. However, they are still criticized for their lack of variety and old-fashioned appeal.

As its name suggests, the original concept of a having granny flat is to accommodate aging family members, but the idea should not stop there. Since it’s your residential property, you have the freedom to style it your way and make these cute kit homes more applicable to your lifestyle.

Aside from relying on your contractors, you too as an owner can break the monotony through interior design. Bring your old-fashioned granny flat to life through these five decorating ideas.

  1. A Cozy Home Office

Remodeling Ideas For Your Granny Flat - cozy home office
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Bringing your work at home has never been this exciting. Instead of using your bedroom or a shallow corner of your house, you may increase your work engagement and productivity when your home office is quite open, spacious, and fully furnished with the things you need. A secondary dwelling as a home is also ideal if you want to reduce noise and other forms of distractions.

Design tips:

  • Apply the same workplace design techniques used in most offices but add a little twist by bringing personality in.
  • Since granny flats are small, invest in space saving workplace storage solutions and sleek and multi-purpose furniture.
  • Include visually stimulating elements such as paintings, photographs, motivational posters, plants and other personal stuff that support an engaging vibe.
  • For a warmer feel and better illumination, the key is a well-placed task lighting.
  1. An Artist’s Studio

Remodeling Ideas For Your Granny Flat - artist studio
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If your passion is too vast for your primary dwelling to take in, having a granny flat might be the solution. Let your endless creativity take over the entire granny flat and transform the dwelling into an artist’s studio and miniature museum. Create a separate world or a universe and bring your brushes, paint, and easels with you.

Design Tips:

  • Most artists find open, uncluttered spaces and huge windows crucial in any artist’s studio or office, because these allow them to think clearer.
  • Keep the walls and floors quiet and let the beauty of your artworks create the noise.
  • Just to keep everything in place, have a separate area for the “work in progress” (tables, materials, unfinished works) and for the “work done” (gallery for display).


  1. A Miniature Movie Theater

Remodeling Ideas For Your Granny Flat - movie theater
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If you’re a proud film buff, then you’ll surely love the idea of bringing your favorite hobby into your very own residence. And we’re not just talking about simple movie marathons on your flat screen TV but a legit viewing experience on your miniature movie theater.

Design Tips

  • To create an illusion of a longer space, place the wall mounted monitor and speakers vertically. The speakers should be angled towards the seating for surround sound.
  • Paint your walls and ceilings with black. Invest in window treatment solutions like blackout curtains for a better viewing during daytime.
  • To complete the concept of the movie house, transform your kitchen and island into a bar counter containing a popcorn machine, and a fridge for soda and all your favorite munchies.
  1. A Lively Music Lounge

Remodeling Ideas For Your Granny Flat - music lounge
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Now you can finally lose yourself in the beat of the music without disturbing anyone’s sleep. Thanks to a granny flat, your beloved musical instruments, recording equipment, a collection of albums, and your enormous musical talent will now have their own special place.

Design Tips:

  • If you have a collection of guitars, try mounting them on walls not only to add character to your space but to make them accessible when the jamming starts.
  • Keep the space open and lively through the use of energetic colors on either the finishes or accessories.
  • If the studio is small, limit your furniture to only the basics: a simple couch, a small refrigerator, and a sleek bar counter to hang out.
  1. A Master’s Suite for Guests

Remodeling Ideas For Your Granny Flat - guest room
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Struggling to find space in your home for your guests when they come to stay? Transform your granny flat into a cozy suite to create a dream experience for your friends and extended families.

Design Tips:

  • Since you are creating a space to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable, you can never go wrong with light pastels and neutrals.
  • Invest on plush sofas and bed for a cozier slumber.
  • While the walls and floors are kept simple, punch up space with creative pieces and accessories your guests will enjoy during their stays, like a small library or home coffee bar.


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