Top 20 Moving Hacks That Make Packing Easy

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by Kravelv

Shifting a home is an arduous job for sure. The moment you think of packing and unpacking, you desire of not having a shifting in the first place. But in some cases it just cannot be avoided. Mentioned below are some amazing moving hacks, which can make packing extremely easy and convenient. Believe it, with these hacks, packing and unpacking no longer remains a headache:

  1. Hang all your clothes on hangars and stack them in bunches. Put these into large garbage bags together. While unpacking, just take them out and hang them in the wardrobe. Simple, time and effort saving!
  1. Click pictures of electronic fittings before removing them. You will find it easier to understand which wire goes where while fitting them again.
  1. Pack a bag with all essential items that you will need immediately in the new home. A pair of clothes, some toiletries, your laptop and essential medication will top the list.
  1. Stuff makeup compacts with cotton balls or soft cloth. The powder cosmetics are fragile and might break under pressure. Cotton balls provide abundant cushioning.


  1. Bottles of shampoos, conditioners, lotions etc might leak and make things messy. Cover all the bottles with plastic wrap and then put the tops on.
  1. Mark the cardboard boxes on the sides as to which room the products belong to. Make separate boxes for bedroom, hall, attic, living room, children’s room and so on. Unpacking and arranging is less time consuming.
  1. Arrange plates in vertical manner as they will lead to less movement and prevent breakage. You can also wrap them in t-shirts and other garments for additional cushioning.
  1. Keep jewellery display intact with Press’n Seal. Remove the plastic coating and use your jewelleries instantly.

press and seal

  1. Sandwich bags are extremely handy for keeping small things like screws, nuts, bolts and other small parts, which are likely to get misplaced easily. Try and mark the bags as the parts belong to which item.
  1. Using napkin holders for holding electrical cords is great idea as it will not tangle the wires together.
  1. Color-code the packed boxes so that you know exactly where the boxes go. You don’t need to unpack the box to look for things inside.
  1. Finding it difficult to lift heavy boxes? Use cutters to cut the sides of the boxes so that you can hold from there and lift or carry the box.

box and box cutter

  1. Defrost the refrigerator 1-2 days before you move out. You can clean inside and do away with any kind of smells.
  1. Put old and used towels under heavy furniture so that they do not ruin the floors in any manner. Infact the towels help in sliding the furniture easily as well.
  1. Number the boxes. This will help in easy counting. Once the boxes reach to the new place, just count to see that all of them have reached.
  1. Address change is important at least 2 weeks before the move. And this information needs to be furnished to umpteen places.
  1. Use laundry bins, baskets, hampers and suitcases for packing things, instead of purchasing packaging supplies for everything. For delicate items, packaging goods are mandatory.

laundry bins

  1. The beer boxes that lay in the store room can be used for packing books as they have handles on side for easy carriage.
  1. Pack dresser drawers by putting plastic wrap all around them. All things inside remain intact. Just open the wrap and the drawer is ready to use.
  1. Stemware and glasses can be packed in clean socks as this provides extra padding and cushioning to the items.

Stop worrying and start packing with these hacks! Your shifting will be done in a breeze!

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