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External Things That Cause Home Flooding

External Things That Cause Home Flooding

Flooding is an unpredictable occurrence that happens to many homeowners. How these floods happen is sometimes a mystery, but we have some insight into the strangest experiences of floods in your home. Here are some examples of external things that cause home flooding.


One overlooked area you may not know causes flooding is your pool. Rainwater steadily increases pool water levels until it overflows and floods more than the surrounding area. It’s always best to keep your pool covered during storms to keep this from happening. If your pool cover has excess water on it, drain it out using a garden hose.


Flooding from sewers often happens from blocked pipes or extra water from storms. Sewer floods are unpleasant for any homeowner, but it isn’t the worst experience if the homeowner reacts quickly. Avoid removing water yourself, especially since you don’t know what type of water damage you have. Contact a floodwater mitigation company to help inspect and drain your home.


Flooding from the soil is also called groundwater flooding. This flooding type happens when the ground around the home’s exterior forms pools of water. These pools of water are usually the size of a pond, and they occur when the ground can’t absorb water anymore, so it turns into a sizeable unwanted puddle.

One thing to consider is the soil type your home’s built on since some are more susceptible to groundwater flooding. Installing a surface drainage system can prevent water from traveling through the ground to your basement or cellar.

Filing an Insurance Claim

One of the ways to ensure your home isn’t affected by external home flooding factors is to file a claim and make the necessary repairs. Remember that external flooding happens to any homeowner, and a lot of the reason is what’s around your home versus the interior things that create flood risks.

While filing an insurance claim for the first time, provide photos of the entire area, including damaged portions of your home, such as broken siding and weakened foundation. After you have filed your claim and cleaned up around the house, you can start being more aware of preventing external home floods in the future.

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