Exterior lighting fixtures for properties

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Lighting whether indoors or outdoors is a necessity in today’s world. It is hard to imagine a world without this technology. Moreover, lighting not just aids with visibility at night time but it is an essential tool for security as well as comfort for home or property owners. Although there isn’t much variety when it comes to outdoor light fixtures as only a few fixtures do the designated job. The most common exterior light fixtures are security light fixtures or landscape light fixtures which are available here.

Types of Exterior light fixtures

There are different kinds of exterior lighting fixtures, most of them are security lighting fixtures. LED flood lights and LED wallpacks are most commonly used exterior lighting fixtures. Even though these Light fixtures serve as general lights for the area, most of them serve well as decorative fixtures too.  There are many different kinds of decorative light fixtures for exterior lighting around the house.

These lights are usually known as landscape light fixtures which include sleek and modern lamp designs to enhance the ambience around the property. It has many benefits including adding value to the property.

LED flood lights

LED floodlights are large light fixtures for general lighting around the area they can to fill the entire area with powerful bright light.  These lights are specifically designed for outdoors and serve as excellent general as well as security lights. LED flood lights are available in different finishes and in a variety of design profiles for aesthetics and ambiance.

They can be customised in different colour temperatures as well as mounting options and directions. The brightness levels of LED flood lights is higher than most traditional floodlights with their lifespans extending for over 11 years.

They are viable, economic and produce efficient eco-friendly light which can be accentuated for different layouts. These security lights are an excellent addition to any house front with a large area around the boundary walls or neighbourhood.

LED wall packs

LED wall packs are smaller but excellent light fixtures for general as well as ambient lighting around a house or property’s exterior. These lights are compact and produce very bright light. They are mainly installed along the boundary walls of any building as an individual light fixture. Wall pack light fixtures are categorised according to the directional lighting virtue. They are available in many different cut off designs which help illuminating the wall as well the area around the wall. Many different types of wall packs are:

  • Forward throw wall packs
  • up/down wall packs
  • Semi-cutoff wall packs

It is highly important to note few of the design features of wall packs which allow them to be efficient in their function, such as:

  • Directional way of lighting
  • Higher lumens
  • High energy savings
  • Futuristic and smart designs

These features allow these lights to be of use around areas where facade lighting is needed. The light from these fixtures is powerful but glare-free i.e easy on eyes and  under compliance from local area codes.

Landscape lights

Landscape lighting is the term referred for lights which are used around the landscape for aesthetics and adding appeal to any property. There are different kinds of decorative as well as normal light fixtures which fall in the category of functional lights as they pertain to various lighting layouts. 

Landscape lights are available as:

  • Path lights
  • Uplights
  • Deck lights
  • Step lights
  • Spot lights etc.

These lights add a very ambient touch to any property and makes the surroundings appear more inviting and cosy.

Benefits of exterior lighting

Landscape lighting is quite popular among homeowners or similarly property owners as these lights add character to any surroundings and at a very budget friendly rate. It is more of a necessity in today’s world. There are several perks of installing lights around the property which are:

1.   Added layer of security

They add a subtle layer of security around the property and wards of any intruders or robbers. It is always easy to track down exits or pathways in case of emergencies.

2.   Increase’s property’s appeal

Property itself has a significant value and adding a touch of atmospheric lighting enhances the appeal of the property. There’s a high chance that people get better quotes in case it is for sale. Nevertheless, it is important to have a proper lighting setup around important spaces.

3.   Low management

LED light fixtures are quite low maintenance and they rid the owners of constant backup and management for longer periods of time. It saves up a lot of energy as well as electricity costs. Increases revenue and in general have a very positive impact on the overall area.

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