Top 6 Essential Equipment to Have in your New Kitchen

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They say that ‘home is where the heart is’ and whilst this is definitely true, the true heart of any house is the kitchen. The kitchen is where memories are made, bonds are strengthened, and most importantly, where family and guests are nourished and often entertained.

Essential Kitchen Equipment

Filling the kitchen with the latest fancy gizmos and top-of-the-line white goods may be the dream but the reality is that this is often out of reach for us normal folks. There are however a few essential kitchen appliances that are a must-have for anyone looking to make their life easier when preparing food and keeping family and friends nourished.

We have prepared a list of the 6 most essential kitchen items that will make life easier for the whole family and help you look like a professional when preparing food.

1.   Kitchenaid mix master

The Kitchenaid mix master is an essential piece of equipment to have if you love baking. This stand mixer allows for an easier way to bake without the hard work of manually mixing and kneading. An advantage of the Kitchenaid Mix master is that you can turn it on and let the mixing happen without having to consistently keep an eye on it. Another benefit is that the mixer has a great range of attachments which allows the mixer to not only cater to baking but also other things like making pasta, ice creamer makes, and much more.

It can also complement the look of your kitchen whilst being efficient and easy to use.

2.   Chopping board

A chopping board is a basic necessity when it comes to the kitchen, providing a base for all your meal prep needs. We recommend purchasing a few chopping boards for certain ingredients like meat and vegetables to prevent cross-contamination. A wooden chopping board will be most stable and protect your knife from making it dull quicker as well as make cleaning up the board easier.

3.   Knife Sharpener

A knife sharpener provides great importance to the kitchen as it allows for your knife to be sharp and to use. A knife sharpener enables you to easily slice and cut with minimal pressure whereas a dull knife may require more pressure on the meat or vegetable. A sharper knife is also safer as you are less likely to slip the knife and harm yourself as a sharp knife will cut straight through.

There are various different types of knife sharpeners like the traditional steel which you manually use to sharpen the knife. There are also whetstones which are another way of sharpening knives and lastly, electric knife sharpeners. 

4.   Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons are a pivotal part of a kitchen. A measuring spoon allows you to get the precise measurements of the ingredients you need for your recipe.  Measuring spoons are available in various materials such as plastic, silicone, and stainless steel. They can come in a bundled set or individually.

5.   Chefs knife

Knives are a must in the kitchen, you need a knife to do pretty much anything in the kitchen as it is essential in most cooking recipes. In saying that, I highly recommend getting a chef’s knife if you are deciding on what knives to get and are unsure which you will use the most in the kitchen. You will use this knife in nearly all your cooking when it comes to cutting meat and vegetables. There are also smaller knives available like a paring knife which works best on smaller ingredients that don’t need too much pressure to cut into it.

A chef’s knife should be comfortable to hold and thus, it’s good to invest in a good, quality, carbon plated stainless steel as you would be using this knife the most.

6.   Stainless steel Pan

Pans are an essential part of a kitchen. There are various options of material when it comes to pans. These include stainless steel, cast iron, non-stick, aluminum and copper. Aluminium and copper pans are some of the best conductors of heat and are encased in stainless steel, which does not retain odors and is also very durable. It can be a significant decision in choosing the right pots and pans as it determines the style of your daily cooking. We recommend stainless steel as your first pan in the kitchen as it is durable, won’t stain, or chip away, and is also very versatile.


In conclusion, when you get a new kitchen or move into your first house, it is important to get the basics first and then move on more. This allows you to have an organized and uncluttered kitchen providing you with space for a modern kitchen. A kitchen is where a person spends a lot of their time preparing meals. As such, we hope these essential items for your kitchen will prepare you for your next meal. For a full range of kitchen equipment for professionals and home cooks alike, visit – the leading kitchen and catering equipment supplier.

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