How to Make Room for Your Car in the Garage

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Research says that less than ¼ of homes with garages actually use them for their cars.  That just doesn’t make sense!  Cars are a five-figure investment and to leave them at the mercy of the heat, the cold – and the bird droppings may not be the best idea.  But, you garage is full!  Where do start?  Here’s how to make room for your car in your garage!

  • It all comes out. The first step is the hardest – everything, yes, everything needs to come out of the garage.  And, every box needs to be opened.  You may find things you forgot you even owned.
  • Make sensible piles. You probably want to divide your things into three groups – one you’ll keep, one you’ll sell at a garage sale or donate and one for things that are only good for the trash.  Your keep pile should be organized by category – kids’ stuff in one area, the Holiday decorations in another, etc.
  • Get out the hose and the broom! With everything out of the way, it’s time to give the garage a cleanup.  While you house probably gets regular sprucing up, you garage may be the home to dust bunnies (and other critters).  Take advantage of the empty space and give it a good cleaning.

garage cleaning

  • Stop and think. Before you put everything back, take time to figure out what your garage needs.  Shelves?  A cabinet or two?  You can DIY or you can go to a big box store and find inexpensive – or expensive – options.  If you want to turn the space into a showcase for your tools, pay the price.  If you just want to organize, go with cheaper but sturdy!
  • Think some more! Before you start putting anything back, figure out where it should go.  You don’t want a rake propped up where it will fall on the car – yes, the goal is to put the car back in the garage.  And, you don’t want your lawnmower in a place where if someone pulls in a little too far, it’s a goner.  Common sense rules.  Kids’ sporting gear that goes in and out almost daily would be great in a big container by the door.  If you only ride your mountain bike twice a year, get an overhead, hanging bike rack and gain more space.  In fact, look up and see what could be stored on a high shelf or hung from the ceiling to create more space. Need to repair your car? Or regular maintenance?
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  • Put your plan into action. First, draw a chalk rectangle big enough for the car and then start putting everything back around that space.  You got some shelves so get some big containers that will hold like items and mark them clearly so you can find what’s in them when the time comes.  Stack them on the shelves; get your tools in the cabinet or hand some peg board and hang them over the cabinet to create a work space.

driver opens the garage with remote control from the comfort of a car

  • Some things don’t belong! If you’ve been storing paint or flammables, put them somewhere else.  They don’t belong in the garage.  Likewise for dog food that will attract pests and anything else that can’t take the extreme temperatures of a garage.

Your garage is pretty, clean and organized. Now, make sure it’s safe. Add a fire extinguisher or two. Have your garage door serviced. It should be inspected by Garage Door Repair Phoenix maintenance company at least once a year to make sure it’s secure, in good working order and the automatic reversal is functioning. Now, pat yourself on the back and pull your car into its space! You did it!


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