How To Effectively Move a Piano

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Kravelv

One of the greatest musical instruments of our time is the piano. Needless to say the intricate detail put into the making of the instrument necessitate great care in the handling of the piano. Generally, all pianos are extremely heavy and large in size hence transportation can be quite a hustle. This is where the love affair between musician and instrument ends. Let’s face it, the piano isn’t a guitar that you can carry on your back all day long. So here are the two main steps.


This is the most important step. Moving a piano is not something dictated by a sudden mood swing or impulse. You can’t just wake up and do it. It’s good to keep in mind that this is something that can be kept for decades if well handled. So, first things first, prepare in advance.

Measure the dimensions of your piano. It’ll help you know how to move it around doors and corners. Such obstacles can be quite a challenge to maneuver around. The dimensions will also determine the type of vehicle transportation you will use. It will also be necessary to know the exact weight of your piano so that you can estimate the number of people to carry the piano. The recommended weight is around one hundred pounds per person. This will help avoid backache. Extra man power can be used for other odd jobs that come along during the moving of the piano.

Buy some protective material that can cushion the piano. If you think that’s quite costly you can cover up the piano with old blankets. Some packing tape is also necessary. The main idea here is to cushion the piano from a fall or knocks and bumps. If your piano has a cover, close it up in advance to avoid dust collection. Some pianos even have lids that can be locked with padlocks. Buy one if it makes you feel safe. Remember anything for your piano right?

Clear the route through which you’re transferring your piano from. This is a big item and so you’ve got to make space for it. You can also pre hire some piano movers if you are moving it long distance. Clean up the place you’re moving it to, to avoid dust which is bad for the piano keys. Get some help and prepare your friends or your piano movers psychologically because the piano is heavy.


With preparation out of the way the rest is going to be smooth. You’ll discover that proper preparation will make moving of the piano a very easy process. Depending on where you want to move piano, you can set up a dolly and place the piano atop the dolly and push the dolly along. A ramp can be set up to move it into a moving truck if it is being transferred from its current premises. Those carrying the piano are advised to check their grip after every few seconds. They are to move extremely slowly to minimize bumps. The piano is best held at the lower end each person at a different end.

With these in mind you can move your piano very effectively unscathed.

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