Should I Hire a Professional Piano Mover?

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Moving your piano? Don’t attempt to move it by yourself just yet. Moving a piano is not as simple as carrying a heavy box. It requires a lot of care and skill to transport such a bulky yet delicate instrument. Moving it without a plan is risky—not only to the piano, but also to yourself. As such, it may be best to leave the heavy handling to the pros.

That said, you’re not only looking for general household moving companies. Transporting a piano has unique requirements, so much so that it carved its own niche in the moving industry. Thus, instead of typing “nearby movers” on a search engine, it’s more effective to search for “piano movers near me.”

For a better idea of why hiring professional piano movers is the best way for you, here are some of the key benefits of leaving it to the pros.

Lower Risks of Injury and Damage

Imagine the whole piano moving process as a red zone. The piano, the movers, and even the spaces around it risk getting injured or damaged. Aside from the piano’s weight, consider also the instrument’s irregular shape. The unique mix of heavy weight and unconventional shape makes them exceedingly difficult to navigate and move, especially up and down a flight of stairs.

Without proper support and handling, movers may break their back, slip on stairs, or get crushed under the piano’s sheer weight. The piano might get scratches, cracks, and other more severe damages, causing you not only more costs, but also stress. You also risk damaging your floors, doorposts, wallpaper, and other household items.

Professional piano movers have the skills and experience to efficiently execute this daunting task. Piano moving companies transport at least one piano a day. If you ever run into trouble while moving your piano, the movers can draw from their previous experiences and knowledge on how to tackle the problem. In this manner, the moving operation proceeds more smoothly.

Deep Understanding of Pianos

Unknown to many, different kinds and models of pianos require different ways of moving. The moving procedure for one type of piano doesn’t necessarily work with different one. It is especially the case for pianos that need disassembling for the move, like a grand piano.

This in-depth understanding of pianos is what sets piano movers apart in the moving industry. Left to an untrained eye, other movers might disassemble the instrument improperly and leave the owner with a mishmash of bolts, screws, and parts that should not have been removed in the first place. Hence, what should have been a quick 30-minute assembly would take hours and even days to properly put back together.

Reputable piano movers would be aware of the proper way to pad, pack, and move the instruments while ensuring that all piano parts are effectively secured. They will know of the differences and unique needs of each piano and will help ensure that the instrument is properly prepared for the trip.

Appropriate Moving Equipment

A specialized move requires specialized tools. Reputable piano moving companies invest significantly in reliable equipment that makes the moving process safer and more efficient.

Take the four-wheel piano moving dolly, for example. Compared to dollies you find in the average home depot, piano dollies are constructed to bear the instrument’s massive weight. Hence, the wheels are stronger, the bumper is thicker, and the frame is sturdier.

Aside from the right dolly, piano movers will also have thick moving blankets, straps, and a piano shoe, among other equipment. All of these will help ensure that the instrument is protected and all parts are secured while on the road.

Climate-Controlled Transportation and Storage

Changes in temperature and humidity affect various parts of the piano, including the pin block, soundboard, and even the finish. Increased heat and less humidity, for example, may cause the wood to shrink and make your piano go out of tune. It also leads to unseen cracks, which may factor into the overall condition of your instrument.

Piano moving companies often have their own climate-controlled vehicles, which also have the hooks and straps needed to hold a piano in place. In this manner, you lessen the chances of your piano going out of tune to some degree. Moreover, these measures keep it safe in case of unforeseen circumstances during the trip.

Saves You Money

One of the big worries that people have when hiring piano movers is the cost. Some may find it too expensive or would simply like to save the money for other expenditures.

However, it is crucial to understand what you’re risking by such an undertaking. Moving the piano by yourself and friends or hiring inexperienced movers may cause damages and injuries that lead you to spend more later on.

Save yourself from the stress, worry, and trouble by going to the professionals. There are several piano movers on the market, which offer reliable services at different price points. Make sure to do your homework and search for a piano moving company that gets the job done and fits your moving needs.