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Do Home Warranties Cover Roof Leaks?

Hazardous downpours can be unpredictable, but the coverage for roof leaks doesn’t have to be. And when it comes to the roof of your house, anything can happen. A functional roof is a vital part of your home that keeps your house free from moisture damage. If a leak is not fixed properly or ignored, your home could suffer significant damage.

If you are not well-versed with home warranties, it is a service contract meant to cover roof repair or replacements for home systems and appliances. In addition to protecting your valuable items, home warranties cover optional things like roofs, pumps, and swimming pools.

While some home warranty policies automatically cover roof leaks, this service is usually optional and may come as an add-on requiring extra payment. Read on to find out more about home warranties and roof leaks.

What is a Home Warranty Insurance?

A home warranty is a contract cover for replacements and repairs for home systems for a specified timeframe. It can be purchased through warranty companies that pay for replacement or repairs if the systems are damaged.

If you are still wondering whether your current home warranty covers roof leaks, it depends on the warranty provider you’ve signed up with. But whatever your home warranty policy doesn’t cover, your insurance is likely to cover depending on how the damage occurred.

Understanding Your Home Warranty

What do home warranties cover? The truth is that most home warranties don’t necessarily cover all roof leaks. And if your provider covers roof leaks, there are a multitude of stipulations in the fine print that most homeowners tend to ignore. For instance, typical warranties won’t bear the costs if the roof leak was as a result of:

These are just some of the exclusions that you can find in the fine print when you select home warranty roof coverage. Therefore, you ought to be careful not to ignore an impending leak if you’re unsure of the exclusions in your warranty.  

Does a Home Warranty Cover Roof Leaks?

If you want to determine which types of roof leaks are covered by your home warranty, it would be prudent to study your home warranty agreement.

But in most cases, a home warranty does not cover the costs of a full roof replacement. Nevertheless, it will cater to some types of roof leaks. It is essential that you carefully read your warranty before contacting the provider about roof leaks. And this is because most warranty policies seldom cover damages caused by long-term wear and tear. However, most will take care of damages caused by heavy rains or strong winds.

Typically, when a home warranty covers a roof leak repair, it is limited to the home interior in spaces like the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen. Areas of your home that are not covered by the roof, like a patio, may be excluded from your warranty.

When Do Home Warranties Cover Roof Leaks?

Typically, home warranties cover roof leaks if the builder is responsible for the defect. Once a fault occurs due to an incomplete job or a nonstructural defect, the insurance cover will fix it. But if it is not corrected promptly and results in a roof leak, then the warranty covers the homeowner.

The average period for most home warranty covers for major defects is about six years after construction work is over. But for minor flaws, the average cover period is about two years.

Protect and Maintain Your Roof

Most roof problems can take several years before appearing. And it is usually long after the building contractor’s warranty has expired. Extensive damages can cost you thousands of dollars to fix, especially if you have to replace pipes and cabling.

And since most home warranties’ cover is only limited to the normal wear and tear damage on the roof, it’s imperative that you take care of your roof. Here is how you can ensure the roof is in good shape all year round:


While some home warranties will cover roof leaks, most policies do not cover roof leaks caused by negligence, lack of maintenance, mold, or algae. And this is because these exclusions are considered avoidable if proper maintenance is done to prevent roof leaks. Before you rush to report a roof leak, make sure your policy covers the cause of the leak.

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