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DIY: How to Install and Paint a French Interior Door

If you’re like many homeowners, you do not know how to install and paint a French interior door, even though you like the look. These doors allow in more natural light and enhance the overall home aesthetic. Taking the do-it-yourself approach for door replacement lets you make all the decisions and save money.

Measuring and Procuring

The first step in getting a French door installed is measuring. You’ll want measurements for the interior of the door frame so you can obtain the right size door. Doors are wildly available at home improvement stores, lumber stores, renovation salvage operations, and even from friends. You need to find the proper French door for your space.

You may not be able to obtain the perfect door from the outset. If necessary, you can size the door into your frame space with small adjustments. Measure how much bigger the door is than the frame. Then carefully remove the excess evenly from both sides of the door using a saw or sander.

Fit the Hinges

The next step in how to install a French interior door involves fitting the hinges. If you’re doing a door replacement, then you can use it as a guideline for where to place the holes. If not, you’ll need to use the hinges installed in the doorframe as guides.

Once you have all the measuring completed, use a chisel to chip out the groove where the hinge will sit. This process is called recessing, and the space needs to be level. Then, mark where the screw holes in the hinge plate are. After putting in pilot holes, attach the plate securely with screws. You may now hang the door.

Add the Latch and Handle

Once again, measuring against the existing doorjamb is essential. You’ll be creating a pair of holes for the door handle and a hole for the latch. It’s important not to drill all the way through from one side of the door, even though the holes for the door handle will meet in the middle.

In the case of installing a French interior door, you’ll need to be careful about the depth for the latch hole, so you do not damage the glass. You can always pause and check the holes with the hardware you plan to use with the door. It’s easy to add more depth, but you cannot take depth back once you drill it.

Paint the French Door

The big thing with French doors is not damaging the glass. Towards that end, ensure the glass is covered and protected throughout the process. To begin, clean and sand down the door. Then apply a layer of primer. From there, you will need to follow the directions on the paint can. Two coats are generally sufficient to achieve complete paint coverage.

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