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Disadvantage of Installing a Solar Panel System

Solar panels are installed to create electricity, distilling water where clean water is not available, and creating heat through solar thermal. The latter work is done worldwide and it originated back in the 7th century. Through time people have discovered many new ways to use sun’s radiation and most of them had only advantages. But technology is tricky and having a good technology eases up life but with it comes to few disadvantages as well. Solar system too has its own disadvantages.

People mostly install solar panel onto their roof, but if one can afford to have it in the grounds, they can install it on the ground too. It is not likely to have so much empty space now a day, that is why roof solar panels are much easier to maintain and cost effective in comparison. It is not one man’s work and to install solar panels on the roof, you need to hire a roofing contractor. Search for roofing contractors for roof installation canton MI and hire a professional contractor.

The main disadvantages of a solar panel system are,

  1. Cost
  2. Expensive energy system storage
  3. Depends on solely the weather
  4. Requires good amount of space
  5. Creates pollution


While the cost of installing a solar system onto the roof or on the ground has become much cheaper than before, it is still not cost friendly to a lot of users. Some people want to install it but they simply cannot afford it because they cannot bear the cost. Several scientists are still researching every day and finding new ways to make it more cost effective.

Expensive energy system storage:

Large batteries can store the solar energy. But these large batteries are rather expensive. Solar energy can be used right away, but in that case, you would not be able to use it during the night time. If you have large batteries you can use solar energy by storing it in the day and utilize it during the night. It stores the energy in a grid to use later.

Depends on solely the weather:

As solar panels take sun’s radiation and create energy, it is solely depended on sunshine. If it is a cloudy day or rainy day, your solar energy would be very low. If the sun doesn’t shine at all, in that case, the solar energy could be nil too. This is a big problem in the cold countries.

Requires good amount of space:

As we all know big sized solar panels can store more energy and decreases electricity bills. But there is not enough space in the house and on the roof to install big sized panels. It is for most people unrealistic to install big sized solar panels due to the massive space it requires to install.

Creates pollution:

It may sound rather strange that a naturalistic solar system can create pollution, but it does. The transportation of solar panels creates pollution. Although researchers have agreed on the amount of pollution solar system create is far less than other sources of energy.

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