Dining Space – How to Set it Up

Last Updated on January 23, 2023 by Kravelv

What part of your home comes to mind when you think of where the entire family comes together every day?  No doubt, it’s the dining space. One of the liveliest spots in your home, a place where you and your loved ones gather together and share your thoughts and desires,  have a good laugh over some jokes, support and encourage each other while enjoying a delicious meal.

The dining area is not just about the furniture and décor but the joy and special bond that you have with your friends and family over a quick breakfast or dinner during the weekdays and a brunch or lunch along with the other meals during the weekends or hosting a party or feast on special days. You can’t imagine that until a few decades ago having a meal in dining rooms used to be quieter and formal! Unlike olden times, having a meal is not limited to a formal dining area – it could be any space in the home like a part of the living area, kitchen, backyard or terrace. Outdoor dining is increasingly popular, with outdoor dining sets becoming just as beautiful as those you would typically find indoors, ensuring the al fresco dining experience is a comfortable one.

One of the most used places in your home is the dining set. The dining table is not just limited to having meals or coffee with the family or friends, it’s used for playing board games or other indoor games, for doing paperwork or even homework. The truth is dining area is not given the importance it needs while building a home. Take a look at some of the things to be considered while setting up a dining area.


You have the choice of opting for a particular style based on your personal taste. It could be a traditional, modern or a transitional dining room. You can choose furniture made out of metal, plastic, wood or glass depending on your style. A modern metallic dining set would look totally out of place in a traditional dining room.  Similarly, wooden furniture that looks traditional would never fit in a modern dining room. Keep this in mind while selecting your furniture.

Small Dining Area

Doesn’t matter how small your dining area is, you could make it attractive and stylish by picking up furniture accordingly. Chairs with open backs are a good option. Using a bench on one side of the table could fit in more people. You could squeeze in extra guests if you have a roundtable. Armless chairs are also a good option for a small dining space.

Big Dining Area

If your dining area is big, make use of the space by bringing in furniture that’s comfortable and that fills the area. A spacious dining room could be filled with attractive furniture that catches the attention of guests. Instead of choosing several small pieces of furniture it’s always best to buy a few big ones. Buying an extendable dining table would be a great idea if you are planning to host large dinner parties. A china cabinet or a server helps in filling in the gaps of a large dining room.


Consider how you plan on using your dining room, its size and the style you have chosen before you place an order for your dining set. A dining table that’s beautiful and rightly chosen would always be the point of focus in every dining area. The latest trend is to mix and match the furniture so as to add layers to your dining area. To create the dining room of your dreams consider carefully each piece of furniture that you intend to buy.  Choose wisely.

Dining Table

Your dining table should be able to seat all the members of your family and a couple of extra guests but that depends on the size of your dining room as well. It would be best if your table has enough area to hold cutlery, plates, glasses, and food for your family. A wide range of tables including the traditional wooden tables, glass-top tables, and metallic tables are available in the market in different shapes, sizes and styles. A dining table with leaves would be an excellent choice if you have guests coming in.

Chairs and Benches

Depending on whether your table is round or rectangular and its height, you have different kinds of chairs available in the market to select from and that includes solid wood armchairs, metallic chairs, chairs with upholstered seats and dining chairs with fabric seats. Select chairs that match the style of your dining area. By choosing vibrant colors for your chairs you can make your dining set a bit interesting. Benches in a variety of styles are available and by choosing this you can save space and fit in extra guests if your dining area is small.

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