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Designer Wooden Crates: An Attractive Way to Make ‘New’ Homes

The most obvious use of wooden crates is for packaging, but their purpose goes way beyond protecting goods in transit. There are numerous ways you can transform these boxes beyond their intended use.

Perhaps, you want to create a farmhouse vibe in your home by using wooden crates as decorative boxes. On the other hand, you can also go for modern or European styles by incorporating wooden crates in your interior décor. Depending on how you treat or paint them, these wooden boxes can also give any space a bit of an industrial feel. In this article, we will discuss some designer wooden crate ideas that will increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. If you’re thinking of refreshing your décor, then you might find these tips useful.

French Style Side Table

You can turn a single wooden crate into a wonderfully crafted side table. Let it stand by one of its sides and add a decoupage inside to give it a beautiful, French décor vibe. Finally, there’s a reason to keep those stunning flower wallpaper scraps!

This project involves sanding, a thin layer of paint and an application of wallpaper. This French style side table is ideal as an accent for your bathroom or bedroom. It goes perfectly with the rustic qualities of your home. You can use it as storage for your rolled towels or you can hang it and use it as a décor where you can place succulents and picture frames. You can also turn it into a small evening standby installing round feet to it.

Wooden Crate Work Desk

If you’re the type who does not like to take things the conventional way, then most assembled computer desks may not be ideal for you. You can bring farmhouse beauty into your home office by using wooden crates in building your desk. You can purchase regular steel brackets along with a wooden desktop, and then use the crates as your framework or legs.

The ideal timber crates for this project can be found in flea markets and antique shops. These boxes tend to have a distinct, aged look which is perfect for a rustic home office. On the other hand, if you want a shabby chic desk, you can simply purchase regular wooden crates from timber packaging companies and paint it with a matte finish. The great thing about this wooden crate work desk is it is completely adjustable to the space of your room.

Bathroom Storage

This may not be new to you because many people turn wooden crates into shelves. Using wooden crates can help you create additional storage space in your bathroom, especially when it has a small space. Just make sure that you securely anchor the wooden crates onto the wall so that they won’t topple over. You can also paint them white to create a clean look which is ideal for bathrooms.

Rustic Coffee Table

There’s a rising trend in commercial, rustic interior décor for homes. Well, you can also bring this look into your home by using wooden crates as your coffee table. By using a couple of tools and timber boxes, you can captivate the farmhouse flair without spending too much. You can also add castor wheels to give your coffee table the same commercial look you can find in artisan shops.

Treat the wooden crates with a dark stain to give it a rustic look. Have a recessed centre panel where you can place seasonal decors, including glass stones, a small Christmas tree, a spring orchid or a dish of scented pine cones.

Decorative Entryway Storage Boxes

Do your children love throwing away their bags and shoes once they enter the door? Well, installing wooden crates for your entryway is a perfect way to keep them organised. You can attach the floor of the crates onto your walls to create more space. Paint the visible panels accordingly to make them look interesting. Once these storage boxes are ready, you can teach your children to place their bags, shoes, raincoats and umbrellas in them whenever they come home from school.

Wooden Crate Bookshelf

Wooden crate bookshelves are ideal for your children’s playroom. They are perfect for children who love to read books but are too small to reach the shelves. You can attach the crate floors to the wall and within your children’s reach. You can also cut the wooden crate in half to give space for taller books. Make sure you thoroughly sand the wood to ensure that it wouldn’t cause splinters later on.

Centrepiece for your Dining Table

When you go online, you will find several types of vintage timber crates and boxes which can be used for a variety of things. Try to look for a narrow and small wooden crate which you can use as a centrepiece for your dining table. You can add decorative items like succulents or mason jars to make them look more interesting.

Timber Crates as Bed

You can feel like Heidi living in the Swiss Alps every night when you use wooden crates as your bed. Of course, this takes some careful planning, so it is best to ask for professional help when repurposing timber crates into a bed. You can also ask your carpenter to add storage boxes underneath the bed. Use linen, cotton and natural fabrics to create the full country panorama appearance for your bed.

Sturdy Timber Crate Bench

You can showcase your creative prowess by turning wooden crates into an outdoor bench/storage boxes. With ample sanding, painting or staining, you can achieve the right look for your sturdy timber crate bench. You can also use commercial looking screws to attach them together so they won’t topple over. To make them comfy, place a small piece of sofa mattress and pillowcases over the bench. This will be the perfect outdoor furniture piece where you and your friends or loved ones can relax.

The design possibilities for wooden crates are virtually endless. As long as you are open to exploring your creativity, you will be able to find decorative and artistic ways to repurpose them for your own home.

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