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How To Design A Mesmerizing Piano Room! Create a musical retreat in the comfort of your own home

For music lovers, a dedicated practice space is a must-have. For enthusiasts who are particularly keen on the piano, however, a dedicated space is more difficult to accomplish than if the instrument in question were smaller, like a clarinet or guitar. This, paired with the quality of having a space in which to perform for guests, is why designing a functional and beautiful piano room is a necessity for pianists. But before you host your first in-home recital, consider a few tips to make your space as dazzling as your performance.

Assess your spatial limitations

There are a few types of instruments a pianist might have: a space-saving upright piano, a classic grand or baby grand piano, or a modern electric keyboard. Each has its own benefits, which are especially pronounced when it comes to size. Unless you have a full room to dedicate to the piano, a grand may not fit comfortably into your home. In this case, consider opting for an upright or keyboard piano in your living or dining room, designing the room to be multi-functional without making it seem unnecessarily smaller.

Invest in climate control

Traditional pianos are sensitive to temperature and humidity, so you’ll need to account for the room’s climate in order to keep them in top shape. For homes in moderate climates, this will be easier to do without much technological intervention. Curtains, blinds, and double-paned windows will likely suffice. But for homes in hot or cold climes, you may want to consider installing home insulation and/or a smart home system.

Keep it classic

Pianos are inherently classic, bringing to mind the time-honored works of Beethoven and Chopin. So the natural inclination for many pianists is to reflect the history of the instrument in its surroundings. This means complementary art, solid furniture, and the right ambiance. In other words, make it fancy. However, you needn’t break the bank to get there. There are plenty of budget-friendly ideas on how to give your home an expensive touch that address everything from lighting to wall palette.

Jazz up the piano’s décor

Your piano can be a great space to incorporate some of the room’s décor. And doing so can give the overall look of the room more cohesion. For example, upright pianos can benefit from some foliage or table lamp atop the back. Grand pianos can hold framed photos on top, or tall vases underneath.

Replace the flooring

Many homeowners are in the habit of replacing flooring every so often, depending on whether it is carpet or something else entirely. For piano rooms, however, it’s tough to beat the look of hardwood flooring with a great area rug, whether your décor style is traditional or modern. Next time you plan on replacing the flooring, consider doing away with carpet altogether.

Add a library

Since your piano room may not get as much use as other rooms of your home, adding another function to it can give it a little more traffic. Libraries are fantastic for this reason, as they are highly functional but also a beautiful décor element. You could even add a small home office area or a mini bar, too.

If you aren’t sure where to start with finding the perfect theme for your piano room, it’s best to have a look at photos of some of the most stunning piano rooms around. You’re sure to be inspired by at least part of these aesthetics, which you can then put your own personal touches on.


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