Damage Restoration: What Needs Rehabilitation

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Disaster can strike at any time, anywhere. It can strike in the form of fire, wind, or water. Indeed, when these unfortunate events occur, damaging property, it becomes a necessity to find ways to stop things from getting any worse. Oftentimes, the effects of a fire or flood can be felt long after the water has waned and the last ember has been put out.

Indeed, the effects of such disasters can be a lot worse than what’s visible to the naked eye, and may require major rehabilitation and restoration to make your property safe and habitable once again.

Fire and Smoke Damage

It’s the firefighters’ job to stop and kill fires, but even after a fire has been put out, you aren’t entirely free from danger yet. How so? Fire and smoke can leave both seen and unseen damage that can affect the look of your home, as well as threaten your safety and health. Indeed, while a live fire can pose an immediate danger, one that’s been put out can still unknowingly cause significant damage. Unless you hire professionals to perform a clean-up and restoration job right after the fire, ash and smoke can cause the following issues:

  • Extensive corrosion on metal furnishings and home components
  • Etching on glass and discoloration on other materials
  • Leave behind powerful, lingering odors that can give rise to health problems such as allergies, and trigger other conditions


After the fire has been snuffed out, you need to act quickly to prevent lasting damage. However, fire and smoke restoration and rehabilitation is not an easy job. It requires professional knowledge and experience, which only select contractors have. Without the right professionals on the job, irreparable damage can set in quickly – within hours, even within minutes.

Wind Damage

Some places just naturally experience more windy weather, and stronger winds, than other places. Southern New Jersey, for instance, gets more than its fair share of high winds. If your home was struck by a destructive wind, a quick call to a professional would be in order. The pro will perform a thorough check and make sure that all problems are accounted for and properly addressed.


Wind can damage your home from top to bottom. Thus, a quick check from ground level may not be enough to determine the real condition of your home. Among the problems that wind can cause are the following:

To effectively address problems immediately after high winds hit your area, you should keep in mind that timing is crucial. Once the winds die down and all’s clear, call your trusted home improvement professional in for a thorough inspection. Affected areas of your property should be attended to immediately to prevent the spread of damage. Any holes, gaps, and leaks should be sealed against the elements as soon as possible. Meanwhile, more serious issues should be given temporary solutions if a permanent fix can’t be done just yet.

Water Damage

Water damage can be caused by things other than a storm. Almost any disaster can actually weaken your home’s defenses against water damage. And when left unattended, it can lead to irreparable or irreversible damage.


To determine if your home is suffering from water damage,  watch out for these signs:

  • Staining on interior walls and ceiling
  • Water puddles in the attic
  • Mold and mildew buildup
  • Leaks or gaps in siding
  • Leaks or gaps in ceiling
  • Musky odor despite rooms being regularly cleaned

Even when a storm’s long passed, if you notice any or all of the signs listed above, you should still take the time to contact a pro for a thorough inspection. He’ll be in the best position to recommend what steps to take towards water damage restoration.

Working with Your Insurance Company

If you have homeowner’s insurance, you had better check if your policy covers these kinds of damage restoration. Be sure to take full advantage of the benefits of your insurance policy by working with a reliable contractor who can provide assistance in the insurance claims process, and perform related services and jobs as necessary. A qualified contractor is your best bet in making sure that all lingering problems are properly addressed and that your home gets the quality restoration and rehabilitation services it needs to remain in tiptop shape – keeping you and your family safe and healthy.


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