How to create a functional and useable inner city balcony

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Many people who live in urban cities have an advantage of being closer to everything; restaurants, cafes, bars and libraries are just walking distance away. However, they don’t have the luxury for enjoying the sun and fresh air in the garden, leaving the balcony as the only place to enjoy the outdoors.

It is common for some countries to have really small balcony spaces, but maximizing your small balcony space doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Just the right furniture, a few plants or a scatter of colour can make your outdoor space have the neighbours peering over in no time. Below are simple yet bold ideas to help you create a tiny outdoor oasis.

Vertical Garden

functional and useable inner city balcony

Image sources: Small House Décor , Shelterness

If your balcony space is too small but you long to enjoy fresh plants and flowers, you can opt for a vertical garden, which you could easily craft from wooden pallets. Vertical gardens are space savers and it is inexpensive to get it done. Greenery needs a lot of sunlight so it makes perfect sense to grow it on the balcony.

Once the planter is set, mix up seasonal delights, parsley, herbs that you usually use in the kitchen. Another fantastic yet simple and functional way to go vertical is using balcony walls to hang potted plants or shelves. Vertical walls can be made from wooden pallets as well and can be easily removed. Shelves are versatile as they can accommodate not only plants but also small outdoor decorative ornaments without taking too much floor space.

Stylish Glass Panels

functional and useable inner city balcony1

Image source: Cuded

Beautiful balcony designs with glass walls are a great way to liven a small space and offer a peaceful lifestyle with exceptional views. These are stylish, attractive and unique, however special attention, skill and money is needed in maintaining the glass balcony and glass panels can be quiet expensive to replace. This should not be seen as a draw back since glass balcony designs offer the convenience of having a protected outdoor room, which is worth the money for many.

For example, the above picture illustrates a creative way of having a small dining table, which is ideal for small apartments. The indoor dining area can be easily extended into the outdoors creating a more spacious and luxury feeling. It’s also a great way of having a scenic view while being protected from wind, rain or snow and definitely the best choice for homes with kids. Glass balconies can be used as gyms, kitchen breakfast nooks, home offices, greenhouses for plants and for more privacy there is always an option to choose frosted glass panels. Honestly, you can go wild on this idea. The possibilities are endless.

Flooring Ideas

functional and useable inner city balcony2

Image sources: About Home , Foxtons

Selecting the most suitable flooring for a balcony can improve the feel and look of your small balcony and turn it from boring into a more enjoyable space in your home. If you have a roofed balcony, wooden decking could be a perfect option. Not only does it look natural and classy, the smell of wood also adds an extra of organic touch to the space. The decking squares can be placed on any sized apartment balcony and cover much of the space as you would like.

Good quality artificial grass is yet another great option as it is easy to apply, costs less due to the space being quite small and it gives the balcony’s interior the effect of a real garden.  Great for pets who need that little outdoor space too!

Outdoor rugs add colour and texture to a dull and boring small balcony and you can always find a style that matches your furniture and plants. Select those made from a synthetic material that holds up well to the elements to avoid mould and mildew.

Comfy Furniture and Accessories  functional and useable inner city balcony3

Image sources: Rephorm Haus , Apartment Therapy

When it comes to furniture, the smartest way is to select pieces that don’t take up too much space. For that, you can opt for double purpose furniture; the more use the furniture has the more space you can save. A good example could be a small table that you can disguise as a bench.

Sourcing furniture of this kind is not always easy, especially if your space is restricted, so you may have to get custom furniture designed by a bespoke joiner, but the investment will be more than worth it!

Cushions are also ideal, very trendy and available in a wide variety of sizes, form, patterns and colours. Hammocks aren’t only for the beach; they fit perfectly on the balcony as well. Tie a colourful bench hammock outside and give the space a beach like feeling while adding a creative and playful atmosphere. Railing tables and foldable furniture works well in a small balcony and can be moved around so you can sit in or avoid the sun depending on your preference.

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