How to Decorate a Small Apartment Balcony

Last Updated on April 13, 2022 by Kravelv

Who doesn’t want a perfect balcony?

Even if you have a small apartment or the balcony is small, you can’t design an open luxury balcony, but the balcony is very malleable. Even if it is an ordinary balcony, you can achieve unexpected results with a little decoration.

Here are 11 suggestions for decorating the four corners of the wall, floor, display, and decoration to help you understand the balcony design of a small apartment.


Is your balcony very cold and without decorations? It will make the entire balcony look inactive.

The transformation starts from your wall, and you can do a lot of things on the wall.

  1. If you like the idyllic wind, you can put wood on the wall and make a wood wall. The fresh wood aroma will be more beautiful under the sun, which will make your balcony full of pastoral atmosphere.
  2. Pick a picture you like and decorate your wall. With a small nail, go online or the shopping mall to choose a painting you like and place the painting on the wall. Although this is very simple, the things you like can decorate your balcony and make you feel happy.
  3. Plants are the best natural decoration. Many people will raise plants on the balcony; they look beautiful, can receive the sun, add fresh air, and make your balcony full of energy. However, if the balcony space is small, placing plants will affect the placement of other items. You can choose to buy a hanging plant, which will save space and decorate the wall.


  1. Is the floor on your balcony still bare? Maybe you can make it less boring by laying a small carpet. A good-looking carpet not only makes your feet more comfortable but it also helps your eyes. A beautiful carpet is the first thing you see when you walk into the balcony. And when the balcony is hung with wet clothes, people may slip on the water drops, and the carpet is a good anti-slip item.
  2. Place a tatami mat or a small cushion on the ground. You can sit on the balcony and enjoy the sun in the leisurely afternoon. The sun shines in with a good smell. You can sit or lie on the balcony and have a good rest. This is really wonderful.


  1. Put a small cupboard on the balcony. It will create a good storage function, so put some of your scattered things in the cabinet, or if it is a shoe cabinet, you can store the shoes that can’t be put on the balcony. You can also take a shower on a sunny day.
  2. If you like a breeze at night, you can read and work at the balcony at dusk. However, there is little light at dusk, and the lights of the ceiling lamps tend to make you feel uncomfortable when reading and working. You need a dimmable light. The eye-protecting table lamp is placed on a small table near the balcony. It can be dimmed at any time as the light changes, which can reduce eye fatigue.
  3. Put a small washing machine on the balcony. Washing machines are often large, but your space is limited. You can choose a small washing machine and put it in the corner of the balcony so that you can easily wash clothes and dry clothes in the same place. A small refrigerator can also save space and is very convenient.


1. Buy a beautiful curtain and install it easily. Don’t underestimate the beauty of your curtains. It’s not just about blocking out the glare of the sun, but the beautiful patterns will make you feel beautiful when you see the balcony. This is especially true when you are in the light. It is best to buy a double layer, as it is more practical. You can use two layers of curtains when you need a subdued environment or when you need to protect your privacy.

2. If your balcony is an open space with no glass, you could build a natural wall of plants. It can not only look beautiful, but it will also protect your privacy. Dress up your balcony with taller plants you like.

A thousand people can dress up a thousand different balconies. Each person’s design style is different. The balcony they like is different, but it is important that your design makes you comfortable. This article has provided you with 11 decorative design tips for reference, and I hope to bring you some inspiration.


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