How to Create Your Very Own Beach-Themed Garden

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Bring Together An Island Paradise You Can Enjoy Every Day

Creating your own beach garden is a great way of making your outside space feel light and sunny all year round.

With the warm weather sticking around for a while yet, it can be tempting to load up the car and head to the beach whenever you have a spare afternoon. Rather than making a dent in your wallet with endless trips to the seaside though, why not recreate the beach in your very own back garden? In just a few days and using some easy to find materials, you could turn your outside space into your very own tropical getaway.

Get started with pebbles

A really simple way to create an instant beachy look in your garden is to add some Scottish beach pebbles. These are really easy to get hold of, and you can snap up a few bags at a garden center or online. You can use them to add interest to your borders and flower beds, which you should fill with plants that are suited to a drier, rockier soil. Tall grasses and other beach plants work really well with pebbles, too.

Adding character and charm

Once you have laid the foundations, you can start to add a little more character. Larger, more eye-catching feature stones are a great way of adding some rugged charm to your outside space. Use these sparingly, as you’ll want them to have a real impact. You can source rockery stones responsibly by buying from a specialist in repurposed materials. Using the rope to separate your borders from the lawn and patio areas will add a further nautical twist.

Sandstone Paving

When it comes to paving, there is only really one option. Sandstone is ideally suited to a beach style garden (the clue is in the name!). This versatile stone has a warm, golden hue, and will be the next best thing to a bona fide sandy beach. You could use it to create a large patio area where you can eat and drink with family and friends, or for pathways that lead you around the garden. Of course, this is all dependant on the size of the space and your budget. If you’re a little stuck on where to go next and need help choosing the right sandstone paving slabs for your landscape, call in a professional.

Add those special finishing touches

Once you have created the perfect beachy bank canvas, it’s time to dress it up! Reclaimed materials like driftwood will help you to create a relaxed, ‘washed-up’ look. Of course, you can’t have a beach without some deckchairs, so invest in some to soak up the sun in! Alternatively, deck out your exciting garden furniture with bright, striped cushions and throws for a cheaper spin on the seaside look. YYou can find a wide array of nautical-themed accessories on Uniquely Coastal, so keep an eye out for any additional items to add to your revamped garden space.

Get to work on your very own beach paradise

Now that you know how to create your very own beach themed garden, why not treat your outside space to a makeover? You’ll be spending every spare moment in your new seaside paradise while summer is here. When the weather has cooled down, all you need to do is step outside to be transported to sunnier climes. Why not give it a go then? You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create your very own island getaway!

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  1. I’ve had a beach themed bathroom before and it was a nice escape from the day’s stress. Creating a beach themed backyard can be a good idea. Gardening is my first love so I will need to see if I can incorporate the beach around it. Thank you for the lovely idea.

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