The Best Ways to Maintain and Treat Garden Decking

Last Updated on November 16, 2022 by Kravelv

A garden deck is a perfect place for your relaxation and here you can spend plenty of time with your family and friends. When planning to install a garden deck, you need to choose a perfect place, which is well shaded or you can install some artificial shades for your deck area. A garden deck is easy to install, but it is very difficult to maintain. Most of these garden decks are designed with wooden boards and people use some natural plants, fountains, hanging tree and pots in their decking area. You have to clean and treat your garden deck on a regular basis and in this regard you can contact the service center or a designer who can repaint your deck and maintain the decking area properly.

How to Maintain and Treat Garden Decking?

  • Paint: If you find some damage in your decking area, then you can cover up these damages with a little Deck Painting. In this case, you can change the previous color and apply some latest seasonal colors, shades, bold color, or you can give it a more natural wood color. The specialist will check the decking area and they will repair small cracks and lock down splinters with some color content. The new color can protect your deck from moisture since they are waterproof. So you can easily clean the surface and the wall of your deck with plain water and the deck cannot be affected by frost, rainwater and sun-heat.
  • Stains: If you want to coat your deck with some weatherproofing material then you can apply some rich color to it. You could find some stains on your treated garden deck because if the deck is designed in an open area, then it is natural that the garden deck can be affected by moisture, water, heat and other natural elements. In such cases, you can cover up these stains by applying a bold color to the garden deck.
  • Oil: Wood can become dry after a certain period; even if you apply some color on dry wood it would absorb the color instantly. As a result, you will not find the decking area as shining and appealing as before. In this case, you need to apply oil and resins on these old woods and leave the decking area for a few days. The wood surface will absorb the oil and then you can apply a coat of paint on the wood easily.

Check the Weather Forecast Before You Start the Deck Maintenance

You need to maintain your garden deck twice a year. You have to maintain your deck during spring for the month of summer, and you have to again clean and maintain the deck during autumn for the winter season. When you decide to maintain or paint your deck, make sure to check the weather forecast. If you paint the deck during summer, then the color will become dry and evaporate due to the sunlight, and it cannot be absorbed by the wood anymore. Therefore, it is suggested not to apply the color on your garden deck during summer.

The humidity in the air can absorb the new color and it can also leave some stains on the newly colored deck. Therefore, when you paint the decking area, cover up the area for a few days. Always hire specialists who are knowledgeable about deck maintenance. They know the techniques and they can repair even the smallest of cracks on your deck wood. Additionally, they can use some adhesive on these areas to cover up the crack. Also, it is important to use insect repellent on your deck area because insects and rodents can damage your deck wood.

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