Consider Doing A Furniture Rental For Your Home

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There are pages and pages of magazines that tout beautiful, well designed homes with ornate furniture and appliances. They look so inviting, but when you look up the price of all these items and add them up, the cost suddenly become prohibitive. To get the home design you want, consider a furniture rental rather than buying pieces outright.

Reasons for Furniture Rental

If you are just starting out with your first house or apartment, you may not own a single sofa or chair. You will need a place to sit, to eat, and this goes double if you plan to invite family or friends over. They will need a place to go as well. Another reason people generally consider this is that they need to fill out their house since they have limited seating options, but cannot afford to buy things all at once.

Furnished Rentals

There are furnished homes and rentals that you could move into, rather than the traditional unfurnished home. The problem with these is that they end up often being furnished in a style that is not to your liking. The pieces are used by others and could be stained. Finally, furnished places are often more expensive than unfurnished, which is why a furniture rental contract may be your best bet.

Individual Furniture Rental

If you own some pieces but need extras, you can simply rent individual pieces to get what you need. For example, many people may have a loveseat, but they would like to add a big fluffy chair or lounger to relax in when they get home from work. Whether you need one piece or many, there is a deal that can be struck.

Room Packs

If you have stuff to furnish one room completely but nothing for your bedroom, it will be fine as well. You can use a room pack that includes a mattress, frame, nightstands, bureau and dresser. There are many styles and colors available, so you are likely going to find something you really want.


A bedroom furniture pack may not be all that you need. Sheets, comforters and other bed linens are necessary, and can be quite expensive when purchased on your own. Depending on which rental company you choose, some can provide you with all the linens, including towels, that you will need to outfit your entire bedroom.

Decorative Items

In addition to a place to sleep or sit, you can get decorative items that will really fill things out, and make your house look more like a home. This includes lamps and other lighting fixtures, which can set a mood and make everything look better. Even rugs and televisions to keep you entertained may all be rented.



When people think of outfitting a house, they often do not think much about the kitchen. But you cannot eat without a refrigerator, stove, and plates and utensils, unless you want to eat out for every meal, which is way too expensive. There are deals that can be had for kitchen appliances such as a refrigerator, and even washers and dryers for your laundry room. Now you can keep your clothes clean, eat at home to save money and consume healthier food, and make your home look inviting and stylish. All of this is because of a furniture rental rather than buying things outright.

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