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Common Causes For Sewer Line Blockage

There is nothing worst then a blocked sewerage line, it can make your living existence into a nightmare, the worst part is the standing water, which is not only a hot bed for insects but its stench is also at times that strong that it can drive you insane.

There is an old saying that prevention is better than cure, and hence if you maintain your sewers properly there is a chance that you may not have to get it fixed and repaired in the long run. I remember the first time my drainage was blocked and I had to call Harris Water and they found that the simple reason for it all was that some tree roots had gotten stuck in the drainage. After reading this, you will be well educated on the main causes of blockages and be prepared to unclog your leach field. And if you still want to know more, you can visit this website.

Hence here are some common reasons due to which your sewerage may become blocked:

Source: Inspectapedia

Foreign Objects

This is the most common of all, and more often than not you will find your sewer clogged due to a toy car, or some other material. The blockage usually occurs when individuals usually flush things down the drain, and it cannot pass through. These range from baby diapers, to tampons too just about any other thing. No matter how careful you are more often than not you will find one of these items in a clogged drain once in your lifetime.


Grease can be detrimental to your sewerage lines in the long running. what happens is the grease and fat from your cooking can choke the drainage, and this can cause the contents to spew out when the drain gets clogged. Hence it would be wise to add baking soda, vinegar and warm water and pouring it down your drain every month or so to prevent the sludge from building up.

Source: Arlingtonva

Faulty Pipes

Old and rusty pipes can also be a significant factor as with the passage of time what happens is that these pipes start to leak and cannot accommodate the proper flow of water. This is inevitable with most pipes and I remember the time I had to call the folks at Harris Water after my drainage pipe burst completely, all the liquid was spewing out left right and center. They somehow stopped the flow of water and then proceeded to mend the pipe. Turns out the years of rust and the accumulating sludge were just too much for the old pipe too handle and it burst open when it cannot handle it anymore.

Source: Plumb247

Leaves And Roots

If roots get big enough they can infiltrate your pipes, similarly leaves can also clog your drain. That was what happened to me the very first time, and I distinctly remember it was after a bit of rain that I found clumps of roots and leaves blocking my drainage.

Take it from someone who has been through these experiences first hand, never ever delay any sort of sewerage work, as it can lead to a hotbed of problems for you in the long run.


Author Bio:
Jason Elliot is a fire fighter who is currently enjoying life in Detroit Michigan, and enjoys writing in his spare time.


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