6 Tips for Cleaning Stairs with a Vacuum

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Too often the stairs are forgotten when it is time to vacuum, mostly because they are difficult. The main floor is vacuumed and the vacuum is carried to the second floor going right past vacuuming the steps. Being a floor not walked on constantly, the stairs don’t collect as much dirt, but when they become grubby, they give the entire home a disgusting appearance.

The first thing we need to do is pick up loose bits of dirt or wads of paper, the kind of thing that might clog the vacuum. Small Lego pieces or bits of paper, wadded up, maybe one that was thrown at someone out of exasperation, must be picked up. Rail and spindle should be dusted at this time.

Next, any spots or stains should be removed and the wet spot left to dry before vacuuming.

Now the Actual Vacuuming

Now it is time to vacuum the steps. Get out the vacuum cleaner and select the accessory tip that is both small and pointed since most dirt collects at the ends and in corners of the steps. If the vacuum is a stick, it will have no other accessories. The entire stick will go up. In some cases, a bit larger vacuum will be small enough for the entire vacuum to continue up. To get a good clean using a top stair vacuum is a must tool to have.

The Right Accessories

Considering that most Vacuums must-have accessories, those accessories must be the right ones to be able to clean the steps. There is usually a small piece that goes on the end of the hose, the small piece must have a sharp end to clean the corners and have suction right to the end to pick up those dusty, dirty bits in tight corners. This is usually the dirtiest place on the stairs. Step by step cleans the corner of each stair going upward.

Back at the bottom again, change the accessory to a wide-based piece to clean the broad stair tread. When the stair is clean, turn the vacuum tool sideways to vacuum the upward side of the stair. This operation is usually forgotten or not even considered. Do this, though it won’t seem necessary, (it is), going all the way up. If the steps were a little dirtier than was first expected, vacuum them one more time going down.

The Difficult Part

Start at the bottom and step by step go up.
After the third step, the floor as our balance is no longer available as we’ve progressed above this. Now our feet and the vacuum are on one slim step that doesn’t want to hold feet, vacuum total or only hose, and cord, if there is one. Vacuuming continues awkward and all. Hopefully, all that is going up is a hose and not the entire vacuum. Vacuum cleaners would be best to have no cord to trip a person up.

On some vacuums, a part of the machine separates to allow the smaller part to go to clean other places, like the stairs. In that case, the smaller piece makes the job easier.

Now the steps have been vacuumed. People love to see stairs in a home and clean steps make a bigĀ impression. Select vacuum cleaners that are lightweight, are cordless, and if the entire vacuum is going up the steps, have a light to see into those dark corners. Remember to clean the dirtbag regularly and also clean the filters. Dirty vacuum cleaners tend to retain odors and reduce power.

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