How to Choose the Right Teak Garden Chairs for Your Outdoor Living

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On a hot summer’s day, what could be better than relaxing outside in a comfortable wooden garden chair, bathed in glorious sunshine? Choosing that chair can be a lengthy process, but below are some thoughts to help you with finding the right teak chairs to suit your needs.

Teak is the best wood for outdoor furniture because it is so hardy and abundant in naturally occurring oils, which means it protects itself from the elements and is resistant to rot and insects. If left outside untreated, your chairs will weather from golden-brown to a silver-grey patina, and so adopt a beautifully distinguished look.

It is important to thoroughly measure your space and imagine how you will use your chairs. For example, make sure to leave enough room around a table for those evenings spent sitting with the chairs pulled out, casually chatting with friends over a glass of wine.

Will the chairs be used for dining? Chairs with arms will take up more space around a table, but they can work well at the top ends, or on their own with a smaller, occasional table. You will also need to think about the height of the seat, as sitting too low or high at a table is unlikely to be comfortable.

As mentioned, armchairs can be very substantial in size, especially when they are a fixed design, but they can be slimmer if you opt for a folding style. Armchairs can also be fixed to a table and transformed into a companion seat, if length is not an issue.

Storage of your chairs is often a major concern, especially if you have limited space available to you. Some people may be reluctant to consider stacking or folding chairs, due to concerns that the chairs may not look as attractive or be as robust, but there are many clever designs available that are still very stylish and strong.

Style is very important to most people, so it is a good idea to have in mind what sort of look you would like to have in your outside space. Some gardens will benefit from more traditional designs, whilst others are better suited to more contemporary furniture.

If you are looking to make more of a statement with your chairs, something like an Adirondack chair with their famous, curvaceous shape might be suitable. Bold styles can look fantastic and act as a real focal point for your garden.

Rocking chairs are an often overlooked choice of chair, but they can really add to any rustic, countryside garden, porch or conservatory. They are large chairs, so are best kept in an area with plenty of space around them.

Benches can be perfect for outdoor dining, especially for children, as they fit snuggly along the length of the table or at either end, especially if the benches are curved. Benches are versatile and can be placed in prime position to enjoy your views, or fit snuggly into a corner or alcove if you have one.

Steamer chairs are a timeless classic and normally compose of an attractive mix of wood and brass. They can create a vintage look whilst also being very comfortable to relax in. They often have the added bonus of a removable footstool included, so they can be used as a chair and recliner.

Reclining chairs are great for leisurely afternoons reading a book, but they can also be used around a table, if you have the space. They are usually quite large chairs, so can look great on their own or in a pair with a small table.

A small bistro-style set can look fantastic on a balcony, where you can sit and enjoy the view whilst sipping your morning coffee. You can also buy larger sets in this design and inject chic French style into your outdoor dining area.


Cushions are sometimes forgotten about, but they are definitely worth considering for added comfort and an easy introduction of colour. Cushions can vary from very thick to very thin, with our without ties, so make sure the cushions you go for are the correct size and of a suitable thickness for your furniture.

Teak garden furniture is an investment which should last you for many years, so it is definitely a good idea to thoroughly consider your options before making your purchase, making sure you will gain maximum enjoyment from your new garden set.


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