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Chill Out in the Sun: Patio Cover Options for Your Home

Patios are the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. When you’re getting too much sunshine, though, it can be a little hard to just “chill” in the relentless heat. It might be too late to grow a tree with enough shade to protect you, but never fear, patio covers are here.

What They Are

Patio covers are shade structures for your backyard, either freestanding or attached to your home. The patio cover or “roof” can either be solid or open, depending on the level of sun protection you need, with arched, flat or gabled variations. Posts or columns supporting the structure also have different styles to match your home.


Freestanding patio covers, pergolas are used to cover areas placed within the landscape and away from your home. They are open-sided with four columns or posts supporting the latticed, slatted, fabric or solid roof. Typically, pergolas are used to cover outdoor dining areas, fireplaces, or hot tubs, or placed poolside over some comfy recliners. Walkways can also benefit from the added flair and style a pergola provides.

Solid Patio Covers

Want full protection from the heat? A solid patio cover is essentially a projected roof, attached to your home on one side and supported by posts or columns on the outer sides. It provides a shelter over your outdoor haven, making it possible for you to enjoy and relax in your patio any time of the day. Because of their solid construction, they are also more easily wired for overhead lights and fans, perfect for hosting parties or family dinners every now and then.

Open Patio Covers

The partial coverage from open patio covers are ideal for a more refreshing outdoor experience, making the most out of the view and the scenery from all angles. Because they don’t offer full cover, they work best for areas where rain is less of a concern. From the traditional wide or narrow spaced beams to the more aesthetic fabric, custom, or latticed patio covers, there’s more than one way to pleasantly bask in the sun. These configurations can also provide a place for homeowners to hang plants, wind chimes, and other light objects to liven up the patio area.

Wood, Aluminum, or Alumawood?

Traditionally, patio covers are made out of popular outdoor wood types such as pine, cedar, and teak. They have to be stained, sealed, and regularly maintained, however, to retain their appearance. For those not keen on upkeep, aluminum and alumawood patio covers are also available. Unlike wood, the two will not rot, crack, warp or split, needing no more than routine cleaning to maintain. Additionally, alumawood looks and feels like natural wood, letting you enjoy the charm of wood without the maintenance trouble.

Whatever style or material you choose for your patio cover, always make sure that you’re working with a reputable contractor. This will ensure quality installation, guaranteeing you make the most out of the newest addition to your home.


Author Bio:

Dawn Dewey works for Renewal By Andersen New Mexico, and is one of Professional Remodeler magazine’s “40 Under 40” for 2015.  As the marketing director, she’s makes sure the RBA name reaches far and wide, and that includes keeping clients updated through company blog. With the heart she puts in for her work, Dawn is just as passionate about animal welfare, the environment, and civil rights.


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