Cheap home improvements for your Florida vacation home

Last Updated on April 12, 2022 by Kravelv

Having a vacation home has a lot of advantages. You can use it as a getaway from your everyday work-home routine, rent it or prepare it for your retirement days. Or combine all of these three together. Either way, even though you may not spend a lot of time there, your Florida vacation home needs to be taken care of and requires some repairs from time to time. Especially if you want to rent it – you may want to think about some upgrades, to make it even more attractive to the renters. That’s why we collected some great cheap home improvements for your Florida home you can try as soon as possible!

Why investing in a Florida vacation home is a great idea?

Florida provides its residents with a specific vacation lifestyle – with 300 sunny days per year, amazing beaches and even greater water and nature. That’s why it is a very attractive location among travelers and people who want to make a break and enjoy something they don’t have at home. If you happen to have a vacation home here – you’re in luck. You should know that making your home even cozier and nicer means it will be more attractive to renters, but also you will have a perfect place to get away to when you are tired from all the work or rainy days at home.  Furthermore, if you are thinking about moving and buying another home, small house upgrades can definitely help you sell the home and even increase its value. That’s why you should consider our cheap home improvements for your Florida home and see how to improve it without breaking the bank.

florida beach palms
Your Florida vacation can be like brand new with a few inexpensive small touches

Cheap home improvements for your Florida home – spend money on décor wisely

Yes, it is a vacation home. But spending too much money on ‘traditional’ beachy décor is unnecessary. Your home doesn’t need to scream ‘beach’, but you can use a cheaper alternative to decorate it. For example, instead of tons of seashells everywhere, use some other beachy décor items. You can always find cheap pillowcases with a leafy pattern, or put up interesting prints (for example, you can print out a Florida map or something similar).

Seashells are a nice touch, but they don’t need to be everywhere. There are some other cheap home improvements for your Florida home you can try

Bring the lights outside

Having a vacation home means you or the people who rent the place want to spend more time outside. That’s why you should think about creating a beach-themed garden. So, if you have a balcony or a garden, add some light to it. Hang some café lights around the trees or the balcony fence and see how your outdoor space transforms into a romantic oasis. These or any other lights you can find can be one of the cheap home improvements for your Florida home.

Simple lights can add to the romantic beachy atmosphere at your balcony

Colors, colors

Changing the color scheme of the rooms can be one of the great yet cheap home improvements for your Florida home. Create a color scheme by choosing natural colors and then add some color pop here and there. Choose whites, grays and light blues. All these combined with wooden furniture and some navy blue or dark green colored details – there you have a pleasant vacation home! If you do the painting by yourself, it will be even cheaper – but be sure to consider the tips that make painting faster and easier.

Extra tip:

If you don’t have the funds to paint the whole interior/exterior – paint the details to refresh your house’s looks. For example, instead of painting all exterior walls of your home, try refreshing the paint of your front door, mailbox, house number, or some other details. If you choose a bold color, it may make your Florida vacation home even more attractive!

Use wallpaper

Another top choice of cheap home improvements for your Florida home is using wallpapers. You can make your Florida home very interesting if you pick a wall and cover it with a bold wallpaper. If you are seeking for a beach theme, this inexpensive piece of décor can really help you reach it.

Revamp your kitchen

Kitchen is one of the main points of the house nowadays. That’s why you should consider awesome kitchen design trends on a budget and make it a central piece of your Florida home. One of the inexpensive things you can do to revamp your kitchen is painting the cabinets, add some more lights or create a funny-shaped shelf for the collection of your coffee mugs.  All of these are quite cheap to do but they will make your kitchen look like new in no time.

Moving to Florida

If you are thinking about moving to your perfect Florida home – be sure to prepare the relocation to make the process even easier. A useful thing to do is to hire professional Florida movers like  and save your time and energy. An experienced company knows the area well and can help you have a quick and easy relocation. This way, you’ll be capable of handling other tasks without mistakes and enjoy your first days in Florida.

house keys
Moving to a Florida vacation home is a job for professionals

Choosing another vacation home

You may want to switch to another vacation home. Even so, local moves are not that easy like it sounds. It takes preparation, organizing and packing – wherever you are about to move. After you choose your perfect Florida home, consider hiring Sunny Isles Beach moving professionals for an easy local move. An experienced local company will handle the move the best way without you worrying about the safety of your items.

Enjoy your Florida vacation home

The most important advice when it comes to moving and renovating – don’t stress too much. Choose an easy way to handle the tasks you need to know and leave some time and space to actually enjoy your vacation. No house is perfect, but adding details one by one can make it the best version you and your family need. That’s why our cheap home improvements for your Florida home can help you revamp your home – the easy and stress-free way!

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