Cleaning Mattress Using Natural Cleaning Products

Last Updated on March 31, 2022 by Kravelv

Did you know you can clean your mattress yourself using all natural cleaning products?

That’s right, cleaning your mattresses yourself is actually more simple than you might believe. Using all-natural ingredients allows you to clean your mattress safely for everyone in the household. Some of the most commonly used cleaning products can contain some harmful chemicals, many people believe that to remove the staining and odours these harsh chemical-filled products are a must. This is most definitely not the case. It is important to always know what is in the products that you are applying to your household surfaces and fabrics. 

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Cleaning products brought from most superstores contain chemicals that can cause some serious issues later on, respiratory and chemical burns being the most common. We always try to steer people to use natural products that are better for your health and also for the environment. 

Mattresses are probably the most used piece of upholstery in our homes, we actually spend approximately one-third of our lives laying on our mattresses. This means that they are at the highest risk of collecting germs, bacteria and things like dead skin cells, fallen body hair and in bad circumstances left uncleaned bed mites. Built-up sweat, bodily fluids and dead skin can cause staining and odours that can look and smell unpleasant. This is why it is recommended to clean your mattresses at least once every 6 months. Using Cleaning products can be costly, but don’t worry our method won’t pull at the purse strings too tightly. Our method is very cost-effective and very simple to perform. 

All you will need is a few household ingredients that most households will already have hidden in the cupboards. Baking soda/Bicarbonate of soda  (Bicarb for short) is all you will need to remove dirt and odours, some of the tools you will need to include are a vacuum cleaner, a small soft-bristled brush  and some natural oils (this is a personal preference)

So before you begin to clean your mattress you will need to remove all the bedding, this will also need to be washed to achieve the best possible clean. Washing your bed linen on a hot wash will kill any dust mites and kill all bacteria. Once you have removed all the bedding you can begin cleaning the mattress:

  • First, begin vacuuming the mattress thoroughly, be certain to remove all loose debris that may be on the mattress’s surface. Loose food, dust and any lint that has built up as well as any dead skin cells and loose pet hairs if pets reside on the property. 
  • Next, we want to be sure to remove any unwanted odours, dried sweat usually is the most common scent present, you can deodorise using your Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda. Sprinkle a generous amount of either to the entire surface of the mattress. Once this is complete simply use your soft-bristled brush to rub the baking soda/ bicarb into the mattress fibers. 
  • Leave this to sit for at least an hour, if possible leave for longer there really isn’t a maximum time limit. The longer you can leave it the better. In addition, if you would like a specific scent you can add a few drops of natural oil to the mattress fibre’s also. Lavender is most commonly used on mattresses thanks to its calming nature. 
  • Once left for the required time you can begin to vacuum all the baking soda/ bicarb from the mattress. Be sure to get into all the creases to remove as much of this as possible.

This completes the removal and freshening process. You will be left with a dirt and bacteria-free mattress. Another tip to help keep bacteria and odours at bay is to leave the mattress in direct sunlight the sun rays will kill bacteria and if possible if the mattress can be kept outside in the fresh air for a few hours this will help odours to be kept at bay. End of Lease Cleaning London wants to be able to provide all customers with handy tips on how to clean using all natural products. We believe it helps maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

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