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How to Make the Right Choice When Buying an Air Compressor

An air compressor can provide you with consistent energy for many kinds of work around an industrial workspace. You don’t need frequent overloading like electrical power. They are of immense help in construction or electrical projects. However, you have several kinds of air compressors to choose from, as all of them sport different features. You can check out sites like the DIY Hubby to find out more about them.

Here are some things to keep in mind so that you can choose the right air compressor.

Choosing the Right Size

You can choose three kinds of air compressors- consumer-grade compressors, professional-grade compressors, and industrial-grade ones. The consumer grades are small and portable, while the industrial-grade ones are for relentless use.

Professional-grade air compressors are usually medium in size and versatile as they can be used to power several air tools at once. You may choose the size based on your workspace and how frequently you will be using it. Piston-type air compressors can help you build more air pressure but can be bulky. It is important before you make any purchases that you find a reliable installation and servicing company, as they can better advise you on what would be best suited for your needs. Remember there are various Case Studies and reviews you can take a look into, in order to help you decide what would be best for your business.

Amount of Power

Air compressor output is measured in CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute, and the Pounds per Square Inch or PSI is used to measure air output.  While you can power more applications with a higher CFM, the overall capacity can go down as the air pressure starts climbing.

The best option is to purchase a compressor with a higher CFM as it releases more air output at a higher pressure. But to do that, you should check how many applications you intend to use and their size. Ideally, you should choose a compressor that will give you an extra 20% to 30% more CFM than you need so that you have enough if you intend to expand.

Buying Compressors with Additional Components

Buying a compressor with an air-receiver has certain advantages. The air receivers are tanks that are connected to compressors and also store the compressed air. Although compressors can operate without them, the air receivers enhance their overall performance by removing debris, moisture, and other foreign particles.

It can prevent the machine from pulsating too much and reduce excessive pressure on the compressor, increasing its longevity. While buying an air receiver and a compressor can prove to be a bit more expensive and requires adequate certification, it can save you quite a bit of money in the long run in compressor maintenance.

You could also consider buying a compressor with an air-dryer or one that you could attach it to at a later point. Air-dryers can remove water vapor that can help you avoid problems like compressor corrosion and control malfunctions. This is especially advisable if you are buying one for laboratory use.

With these components, you can use the air compressor for longer, with reduced wear and tear, making it a good investment.

By choosing an air compressor wisely, you can use it with several applications for your business, which will also provide you with the scope to diversify your operations in the future. You can find out more information about them from sites like the DIY Hubby and gather more information on buying the right compressor.

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